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10 Reasons to Be a Vegetarian

A lot of people view vegetarians as a fad or as some kind of casual hobby to be taken up when you’re bored, but there are some really nice benefits to being a vegetarian.
Commercially raised animals live in horrible conditions.Commercially raised animals live in horrible conditions.
1. You’re not killing animals. Is it really right for you to be able to take the life of another living creature just so that you can satisfy your urges? Meat is nothing more than a way to oppress animals to feed our own addiction to taste. Meat is murder.

2. It helps you lose weight. Meat packs in the empty calories and fat that causes weight gain. Vegetables on the other hand, when consumed as the primary source of your nutrition, will have the reverse effect. They specialized nutrients allow for the healthiest form of weight loss that there is and is a lot easier than going to the gym everyday.

3. It’s extremely good for your look. After just a few days you’ll see all the important bodily features of your beauty accented and defined. Your skin will shine with a clear sheen that meat tends to obscure and that only organic vegetables can bring back.

4. It makes your skin softer. There are more vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients in vegetables than there are in meat and much less fat which has a combined effect of softening your skin while at the same time protecting it from dryness.

5. Animals bred for meat lead horrible lives. They are bred under inhuman conditions, sometimes without light and living in their own filth. they are packed together in tight little stalls without any room to move at all. Many of them do not move more than a few feet throughout their entire lifespan.

6. It’s a great way to teach yourself self-control. Controlling your urges to eat meat is a great way to temper your own strength of will and can help you quit other harmful activities in your life including smoking. This will also make you a more assertive person which will open up great opportunities in your life and career.

7. Vegetables give you energy. Meat is packed with wasted nutrients and empty calories which have the effect of slowing down your metabolism and making you fat. Vegetables on the other hand increase your metabolism which helps to further weight loss as well as staying full of energy throughout the day. The added energy will help you stay motivated and happy.

8. Meat is injected with hormones. Commercially raised animals are injected with a wide variety of growth hormones that can lead to nasty effects in both the animals and the people who need them. Studies have shown evidence that these hormones cause cancer and a variety of other nasty conditions.

9. Meat can give you diseases. If not cooked correctly pork can give you trichinosis and other parasitic diseases that can ruin your life. Beef is related to scary diseases such as mad cow disease and E. coli. And we all know that chickens are carriers of bird flu.

10. It’s in style. Anyone who’s anyone is a vegetarian these days. Just ask runway models, movie actresses, politicians, your friends, most of them are vegetarians. Vegetarians are the voice of an enlightened future. Show everyone that you have what it takes to make the world a better place.

by Kimberly Prescott on Sun, 12/13/2009 - 06:28

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