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9 Things Guys do that Drive Their Girlfriends Nuts

Here is a list of 9 things that many of my boyfriends have done that really annoy me. You should show your boyfriend this list so that he can treat you a little better.

1. Leaving the toilet seat up: I was raised in a really polite family and this one always really got to me. It’s just a common The inevitable result.The inevitable result.courtesy that everyone knows to do but nobody really takes it seriously. It shows just such a lack of respect that it drives me nuts.
2. Leaving a mess in the kitchen: I’m not really a neat freak but when there are just piles of dirty dishes all over the kitchen and they are starting to crust and mold over, that’s a really serious problem. And I just lose it when I tell them to clean up or even just to help me clean and they just sit there watching TV and ignore me like I am the nuisance.
3. Not taking the trash out until it’s overflowing: This one’s just gross but oh so common. I mean is it really that hard to just take out the trash? But it’s like fighting an uphill battle.
4. Leaving windows open: Is if serving some kind of hidden purpose to let all the heat out?
5. Flirting with waitresses and coworkers: This just makes me jealous and feel like an idiot. And honestly it makes me feel like maybe my boyfriends ashamed of me and this is his way of showing everyone else that he’s actually single and that I’m just his sister or friend or something.
6. Telling you to “just chill” when you’re mad: This is the last thing you should tell anyone when they’re mad. It has about as opposite an effect as it possibly could.
7. Putting a drink down without a coaster: Are you trying to ruin my table? How much ever does it take to just put on a coaster?
8. “Forgetting” an appointment they make with you: When you make a commitment with someone and then just break it off for no reason that really sends a bad message.
9. He doesn’t want to communicate: When there’s some kind of an issue if you talk about it and work it out. Not wanting to do this just shows that he doesn’t care about the relationship or about us.

by Kimberly Prescott on Sat, 12/19/2009 - 20:33

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