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Addicted to My Ex

If you have broken up with you boyfriend or girlfriend a long time ago and are still not able to get over their memories, you may be addicted to your ex. This addiction may create many problems in your present as well as in your future life. However it is not so easy to erase somebody’s memories off your mind, you spent a beautiful time with. But you may try your best if you want to overcome your addiction. The first thing you should do is to realize that your relationship has been over and you need to move on. You should increase your will-power and inner strength. You may avoid things both of you used to do together. If you have his or her cards or love letters, try to dispose it off because it would stop you from moving on. You should get into other activities which you enjoy the most and which will help you to think beyond your ex. Remember that if you want to look forward and be happy in your life, you will have to leave your past behind.

by Margaret Walker on Sat, 04/16/2011 - 19:33

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