Apple iPad Preliminary Review

"The last time people were so excited about a tablet, there were some commandments written on it." -The Wall Street Journal

iPad pictureiPad picture

So does the Apple iPad live up to the hype? The Internet does not appear to think so. The consensus seems to be the following:

- The iPad unveiling was underwhelming/was overhyped (like Obama's first year in office)

- Not clear yet whether it is good for reading books but is probably much better than Kindle for textbooks

- Analysts are predicting it is going to eat the Tablet PC's miniscule market share even though it doesn't have a pen.

- They are not going to sell as many of these as they sell iPhones, at least not yet

- Not clear what the killer app is yet/what it is "better" at

It remains to be seen how the final device stacks up. It seems like it will likely be popular among techies, despite all the whining, and also that it will sell a few million units in its first year, giving Apple some time to work on a refreshed iPad 2nd Gen.

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