Can you have a Pet Vulture? Legal Domesticated Vultures, Where are they for Sale?

Often thought of as symbols of death and well known as scavengers, vultures are strange and fascinating creatures. Unfortunately, under most circumstances, is not legal to keep vultures as pets. This is due to their tendency to carry diseases, as well as wildlife protection laws. If the laws ever change, or if you are able to legally obtain a pet vulture, then you’ll need to bear in mind that they generally do not make the best of pets. Rather than being affectionate, vultures tend to simply spend most of their time looking for food. Legally purchasing a pet vulture is generally not possible under current laws.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Keeping the above mentioned animal as a pet may be dangerous or illegal. We do not condone selling illegal pets, nor do we guarantee that pet suppliers will carry the animal in question. Capturing and keeping wild animals is illegal and dangerous. Do not engage in this activity.

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