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Does The Secret work?

There have been many tests to see if the secret works but they have all relied on test subjects that were in fact skeptics. And though these examples have been featured in many reviews on the subject, you must know why these testings can never The Secret can have an amazing effect on your life.The Secret can have an amazing effect on your According to the creators of The Secret you must believe fervently in the things that you want or they will not come true. You must also think about them constantly and have all of your beliefs mustered every time you think of them. Anyone who is even remotely skeptical of the process will not have any of the effects come into being. This is because the power of your belief is what sends the message out into the universe of your wishes and desires. When The Secret is practiced by people who truly believe in its power, then you will see a multitude of examples where the secret worked perfectly.
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by Susan White on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 22:03

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