How Much Does a Registered Dental Assistant Make Per Year? Average Registered Dental Assistant Salary

The number of jobs for registered dental assistants is on the rise following growing demand for the position in dental care centers. On average, a registered dental assistant earns in the range of $30,000 to $35,000 yearly. They are also entitled to bonuses and perks. The income may vary greatly depending on a host of factors such as job location, experience and size of the company. A dental assistant usually handles multiple responsibilities in a dental health care center that include taking x-rays, preparing materials for various dental processes and helping dentists perform different dental procedures, including surgery. Mississippi ($43,000), Virgin Islands ($42,000), New York, Wyoming ($41,000 each), West Virginia ($40,000), Massachusetts ($39,000 and Illinois ($37,000) are the states that offer a higher pay to dental assistants in the US.

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