How do you use an asparagus peeler?

Asparagus can be enhanced in texture and flavor through easy use of an asparagus peeler. White asparagus almost requires the use of a peeler before being eaten, given its woody exterior. An asparagus peeler looks much like a potato peeler except that it opens up in the middle and has an additional Asparagus peelers are easy to use.Asparagus peelers are easy to use.brace or blade facing the peeler part. To peel your asparagus, first open your peeler up. Place the stalk of the asparagus in the peeler so that it is just below the leaves. Press the peeler together around it and pull down the stalk. This will smoothly shave the exterior of your asparagus stalk. Repeat this a few times working around the stalk until it is fully peeled. The top of the sprig near the leaves does not need to be peeled. Always peel your asparagus before cooking it. White asparagus should be peeled with extra attention as it is quite finicky. You should also read our article on cooking asparagus.

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