How much does a Beautician/Cosmetologist make per year? Beautician Salary

The average salary of a beautician is $31,000 per year although this can vary greatly from company to company and in different locations. In general the amount of experience and skill you have as a beautician increases the money they expect to be paid. The average hourly wage of Cosmetology is a steadily growing industing in the US.Cosmetology is a steadily growing industing in the US.beauticians is around $10.25. skin care specialists tend to earn the highest wages of all beauticians over that of hairdressers and manicurists. The top three locations for beauticians in the US are Phoenix Arizona, Wichita Kansas, and New York City. The beautician industry has an expected growth rate that is above that of the average form of employment and thus yields good expectations for the future for those in this field. You might also be interested in our articles on how to become a cosmetologist, the list of top beauty schools, the cost of beauty school and our guide to paying for Beauty School.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls .gov)

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