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How to communicate with your baby while still in the womb?

A new speaker system, called the Nuvo Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System, created specifically for pregnant women is designed to allow you to speak to your baby through a microphone -- or even plug in an iPod to share music with your baby as he/she develops inside your womb during the long months of pregnancy!

A picture of the Nuvo Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System!A picture of the Nuvo Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Sound System!

The system is a set of multiple speakers mounted in a fabric harness that you wear over your abdominal region. The system then has standard audio inputs much like any other speaker system as well as various controls.

This new system is innovative, but it is also possible that high volume levels could be bad for your baby. A release date is not yet available. It will be very interesting to see what pediatricians say about this system. It will also be very interesting to find out how safe the system is for the baby, and what reviewers ultimately say about the much-hyped device.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 22:06

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