How to get Youku to work: Fixing broken Youku videos and slow buffering

Youku has a lot of videos, but it also has a lot of problems. Broken videos and excruciatingly slow buffering speeds are by far the worst. Luckily there are some easy ways to fix these problems:

Refresh the page, reload the video, and skip forward or back in the video. Believe it or not these tricks can really work. One way to fix YoukuOne way to fix YoukuThey can sometimes get you a better spot in line to stream the video or correct an error in Youku’s value for your connection speed.

Right-click on the Youku player and go to Settings. In the first tab on the left called Display, there is a checkbox for Hardware Acceleration. If it is checked, uncheck it. Sometimes your computer’s graphics card is not compatible with this option, regardless of its speed.

Go to the Youku player’s Settings. The third tab is called Local Storage. Drag the slider to 10MB or Unlimited if it’s a really long video. The extra storage space and make a big difference in Youku’s ability to buffer efficiently.

Update your version of Flash video player. Sometimes older versions of Flash player lead to extra problems with Youku.

If the audio is out of sync, consult our guide to fixing broken audio in streaming videos.

Start the video playing, hit pause, and let it buffer. While this isn’t the fastest approach, it will guarantee that you’ll eventually be able to watch the video. Open a new tab and do something else while you wait.

If after all that, Youku doesn’t work, then you should consult our list of alternatives to Youku and try out a different video streaming site.

Disclaimer: Downloading and streaming copyright material is illegal in many countries: you should not do this. Please only use these tips for finding legal videos. Also please be careful on these sites as some of them have malicious spyware. Use anti-virus software and a secure web browser. We are not responsible for any actions that you take on these sites or anything that happens as a result of visiting them.

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