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How to keep your kitchen countertops clear

A very common problem we all face in the modern world is keeping the kitchen countertops clear of bottles, pots, plates, utensils, laptops, junk mail etc. Since the countertops are you so frequently, it is very difficult to maintain that lovely state of having nothing on the countertops, making it easy to start a new project in the kitchen. Tired of this state of affairs? We all are!

Ahhhh! Satisfying!Ahhhh! Satisfying!

I recommend therefore, that you schedule a daily counter clearing time. It really doesn't take long, and the benefits to your kitchen and yourself could be significant. Every day, at a certain time, perhaps just before you go to bed, or just after waking up, for example, put everything on the counter away. This will leave your kitchen ready and waiting to be used immediately, without any preliminary countertop clearing required. You might consider setting up a digital reminder of some sort, perhaps using an online calendar, or setting an alarm on your cell phone -- "time to clear the kitchen countertops!". Besides making a kitchen more inviting, it may also help keep the rest of your house clean as well. The broken window theory says that people are product of their environment, and moreover that a messy environment may lead to further messiness. Therefore by taking this simple step, you may take advantage of other cleanliness benefits in other areas of your house!

by Kimberly Prescott on Sun, 12/13/2009 - 05:41

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