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How to get your boyfriend to buy you the shoes you really want for Christmas

We all know men typically don't think about shoes. Indeed, it often seems highly unlikely that they will ever buy us shoes, and even if they did, it seems even more unlikely that they would buy the shoes that we want. Thus, every Christmas, we always hope that we'll get that magic special pair of shoes, but we usually never do. This article proposes a solution to this serious problem.

The gift we actually want!The gift we actually want!

Ask, or hint, to get a gift card. You might even tell him what store you like, perhaps two or subtle hint, or Christmas wish list. This way, it's from him, but you get the added fun of choosing the exact pair of shoes that you always wanted. You might even take a step further, since you might not know exactly which high-tech gadget or videogame to buy him, agreed in advance to get him a gift card as well.

Another fun solution, would be to act as “Santa's Little helper.” You each tell him or her what you want, and agreed to pay for the other person's gift. Santa's Little helper then wrap the gifts. Then you can retrieve the wrapped gifts, and give the other person exactly what they wanted.

by Kimberly Prescott on Fri, 12/11/2009 - 06:37

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