Is There a Smotri Virus? Trojans, Worms and Spyware on Smotri

Smotri is quickly becoming one of the top ways of streaming online videos. But as nice as this can be, is it safe to use Smotri? Our site analysts have thoroughly investigated the matter and after significant testing, they have concluded that Smotri is quite safe and free of any Is Smotri safe?Is Smotri safe?harmful viruses or spyware. However, you cannot be completely sure that this will not change in the future and so due caution is advised. As always, keep up to date with Norton Antivirus or a similar program, and use Mozilla Firefox or another secure web browser. If asked for confirmation with installing plug-ins and software from the site, make sure that you know the software is safe or simply do not allow it to install.

Disclaimer: Watching copyright videos can be illegal; do not do this. This article is designed only to provide information about use of the above mentioned site in a legal manner. Our tests were run using the Google Chrome web browser. Your own experiences may vary. This article is for informational purposes only. If you do receive a virus from visiting this site, please report it to a site administrator and take appropriate actions to limit damage done to your computer.

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