Treating PMS with Utovlan

Utovlan if a medication produced by Pharmacia Ltd. and is often used to treat premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It contains norethisterone as its primary active ingredient and usually comes in 5mg tablet form. For Utovlan to work as intended it must usually be taken on a certain day of the menstrual cycle and only for a certain number of days. As the specifics vary from patient to patient it is important to A utovlan pillA utovlan pillconsult your physician about when to take the medication and for how long. Menstrual bleeding is intended to occur a few days after finishing a treatment line of Utovlan. If this does not happen as intended please consult your physician as there may be other outside factors involved. Please consult your doctor if your experiencing any unnatural feelings that you suspect may be related to side effects.
As with any medication it is essential that you speak to your doctor before taking this and only using it after getting a proper prescription. This article is only for the purpose of providing general informative matter on the subject.

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