Signs Your Boyfriend Does NOT Love You

After several months, it's time to take a step back and say -- does this guy really love me, like he claims he does?! We have outlined some common signs that your boyfriend's professions of love may be less than accurate.

Is this who you are really dating?!Is this who you are really dating?!

- He does not like spending time alone with just the two of you

- He does not appear to listen to/remember what you are saying

- He is openly disrespectful in private (this is not the same thing as "kidding around") but involves direct derision

- He is not willing to have private discussions longer than a short period of time (1 minute)

- He makes fun of you behind your back

If he does some of these things, you may want to consider whether he may in fact be Mr. Wrong. Of course, it could be a misunderstanding, but if he does enough of these it's probably an issue.

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