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The Best Ways to Avoid Bad Traffic

Bad traffic can ruin the best moods and make you late for work. There are some very simple and practical ways to avoid bad traffic that most people do not even realize. Here are some of the best ways to save yourself some serious headaches and time.
Save yourself some gray hairs and avoid bad trafficSave yourself some gray hairs and avoid bad traffic
1. Avoid Rush Hour: The heaviest traffic times usually occur in the morning and evening. Avoid traveling between the hours of 7 and 8 AM and 4 and 6 PM. Talk to your boss about adjusting your work hours were simply find something else to do before or after work, such as errands or entertainment.

2. Take a Different Route: Most people think that the shortest route is the best, but this is not always the case. Usually the worst traffic jams occur in the most convenient areas of streets and highways. Almost all the time, it is better to take the longer route that is less traveled and us avoid the traffic and actually get there in much less time.

3. Take Public Transportation or Walk: Public transportation such as subways and trains can make for much more convenient forms of commuting as they avoid any and all traffic issues. If these means are inconvenient, use them on days with bad weather or after hearing about bad traffic on the radio or TV. If your workplace is close enough, just walk there.

by Kimberly Prescott on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 11:28
Really helpful!

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