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The Latest Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

This article takes a look at new versions of integrated development environments, or IDEs -- that is, the tools used by software engineers and developers to build computer software applications.

Visual Studio 2010Visual Studio 2010

There are numerous commercially available IDEs and several freely available IDEs. For this article we do not consider the simpler text editors which are often also used.

Eclipse (free)
Eclipse is a full-fledged open source IDE originally developed by IBM and is now developed by the open source community.

Oracle NetBeans (free)
NetBeans was originally developed by Sun (now Oracle) and provides a full-fledged IDE that includes GUI designers and support for Java Bean development.

Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition (free)
Visual Studio Express is the bare-bones/stripped-down version of Visual Studio Professional Edition (see below). Visual Studio supports a number of languages, including C++, C# and Visual Basic.NET, but does not support Java.

Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Edition (not free)
Visual Studio 2010 supports a superset of functionality of Visual Studio Express. This version also does not support Java, however.

IntelliJ IDEA (not free)
IntelliJ IDEA is a commercially available system developed to support Java Development by JetBrains. This system includes a number of innovative features.

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