The World of Warcraft Account Ban Appeal Process: How to Appeal a Permanent WoW Account Ban by Blizzard

Attempting to remove a permanent ban on a World of Warcraft account can be extremely frustrating. It can take weeks before a representative even reads your appeal. However, there is an ideal approach to this process. There are several ways of contacting Blizzard to make your case for an appeal of a perm ban. You will have the There is an easy way to appeal a World of Warcraft banThere is an easy way to appeal a World of Warcraft bangreatest chance of success if you attempt appeals with each of these methods simultaneously. Call Blizzard’s customer support phone number: 1-800-592-5499. Email them: Submit the online form: And, if possible, ask a friend to speak to a game master using a problem ticket, or do so yourself using their account.

Disclaimer: If such a course of action requires you to violate your EULA agreement or any other illegal action, refrain from doing so. This article is meant for informational purposes only.

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