Vice President Job Description

The role of vice president seems like it would be an excellent job, but what does the vice president really do? In fact, there are only two roles specifically laid out by the Constitution for the vice president’s position. The vice president is placed as the official president of the Senate, but actually only becomes active when there are specifically important matters to be attended to or when there is a tie that needs to be broken on a vote. In addition, the vice president is also assigned to be a replacement for the president in the event that he is unable to fulfill his duties as president, whether it be due to death, incapacitation, resignation, psychological instability, or any other valid reason. The vice president also fulfills numerous other duties, but these vary between different administrations and are often quite different. If the government were to write a vice president job description, they would no doubt include giving speeches, working on important bills and laws, and advising the president. There are no specific education requirements for the position of vice president, but you need to be extremely intelligent, well educated, and charismatic to stand a good chance of becoming a vice president.

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