What are the High Paying Jobs with No College Requirement?

Even with the nation’s economic troubles there is still some jobs that don’t require a college education while still paying very well. Car salesmen/women make on average about $45,000 a year or more and requires only a few months worth of testing and licensing to start employment. There is no college requirement and the work is quite easy.

Manicurists Have a Promising Future with Low Educational RequirementsManicurists Have a Promising Future with Low Educational Requirements

A mortgage sales associate speaks to customers about mortgage opportunities and possibilities and helps them do their financial difficulties. The work mostly revolves around human resources and some minor paperwork. Only a brief certification process is required and they make up to $56,000 a year or more. A masseuse specializes in massage and spa therapies and has a nice pleasant relaxing job of making other people feel better. To become a masseuse you need to be trained at a school of massage therapy but they are quite easy to get into that one can get a job after only a year of training. They make up to $45,000 a year or more, especially if they’re in private practice.

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