What does Flagged for PvP mean in World of Warcraft? Flagged WoW Term Definition

In World of Warcraft you may hear other players talking about being flagged. This simply means that you can be attacked by players of the enemy faction. You will be flagged for PvP when you enter a battleground or arena, or if you attack another player or NPC who is flagged for PvP on the opposing faction. If you are playing on a PvP server, you will automatically be flagged for PvP any time you enter a contested or enemy territory. You can also manually flag yourself for PvP by right-clicking your character portrait and choosing enable PvP or by typing /pvp. Entering a world arena such as the Booty Bay arena in Stranglethorn Vale will flag you for PvP with both players of the opposing faction and with players of your own faction. PvP flags wear off after about 5 minutes without engaging in PvP combat while in a friendly area. The flagged WoW term definition is well-known among WoW players.

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