What is Crocin Used For? Health Benefits and Side Effects of Crocin in Food

Pharmaceutical preparations of Crocin have health benefits of relieving pain, fever and curing cough and flu. Other indications include dyslipidemia, ischemic retinal dysfunction, and atheroscelosis. It is a potent anti-oxidant. It is occasionally used as a sedative, a spasmolytic and as a stomachic. Other uses include its use as an ingredient in perfumes. It is also use for dyeing purposes due to its strong coloring power. Overdosage can cause vomiting, intestinal colic, uterine hemorrhage. More than 600mg can be harmful to the heart. It has anticancerous activity against a number of cancers including rhabdomyosarcoma, leukemia, ovarian cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, and colon adenocarcinoma. It is also protective against coronary heart diseases and is helpful for curing jaundice.

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