What is Paneer cheese?

Paneer is a type of cheese that comes from India and Pakistan and is very popular in its many different uses. Paneer is a soft or medium textured cheese similar in feel to tofu. It has a slightly sour and subtle flavor and is most often served to complement other dishes. They can be deep-fried and eaten with peanut sauce or added to curry in place of meat as the signature ingredient. Paneer cheese in the Indian Tikka dish.Paneer cheese in the Indian Tikka dish.Other uses involves stuffed into homemade breads and turnovers or in cold salads. Paneer it is hard to buy by itself outside of Indian specialty food stores, however most Indian and Pakistan restaurants serve a variety of dishes that feature it. It is also possible to purchase paneer online at specialty food websites such as artisanalcheese.com or igourmet.com.

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