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What is a Role Playing Game or RPG?

A Role Playing Game (RPG for short), is a video game that focuses on custom development of the main character in the game by the player. This is usually done through a level up system involving gathering experience points from completing objectives and quests and killing enemies. When you gather enough experience points to gain a level you can Dragon Age is the cutting edge of role playing games.Dragon Age is the cutting edge of role playing games.then make decisions as to how your character will progress, for example will your character be more of a strong melee character with a sword or instead a magician. RPGs are typically distinguished by their elaborate storylines, colorful NPCs, and enhanced interaction with the environment. RPGs are almost always fantasy or science fiction themed. Some examples of popular RPGs are Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and Oblivion. For more information check our pages on MMORPGs, NPCs, and leveling up.

by Brandi Roberts on Sun, 01/03/2010 - 19:47

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