What is Brie cheese?

Brie is a rich French cheese originating from the province of the same name. It has a rich creamy and soft texture and is easily spreadable on bread or crackers. The white rind that covers the outside of the cheese is edible although it can be easily turned off. Brie cheese is extremely rich and savory in flavor with an almost nutty aftertaste. Bree is most often spread on bread and crackers Brie cheese is great on crackers or french bread.Brie cheese is great on crackers or french bread.and serve a fine wine. If you’ve never had brie cheese before and I would recommend trying it with a fresh loaf of French bread and a nice red wine. Brie is easy to find at most grocery stores as well as any specialty food store. Imported brie can also be purchased online from sites such as artisanalcheese.com or igourmet.com.

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