What is the Average Cost of Eye Surgery? Average Eye Surgery Price

Eye surgery is often regarded as a sensitive operation due to the misconception that even a minor error may lead to complete loss of vision or blurred sight that cannot be compensated in any manner. In fact, most eye surgery procedures are quite safe, with only minimal damage caused by even the most serious of mistakes. Lasik and other refractive surgery prices are quoted per eye, which means the cost will be almost double if you are going to treat both the eyes. New procedures like wave front analysis may cost you an extra charge. Similarly, bladeless Lasik may also bill you an additional fee. The average Lasik prices have, however, not gone up remarkably during the last several years. The average cost for laser-based vision correction procedures that include Lasik is $2,150, while it is $1,580 for non-customized Lasik using a bladed instrument. The type of surgery that is supported by the wave front analysis on an average costs $2,170.

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