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What is the Power of Now?

The Power of Now is Eckhart Tolle’s principle stating that acting on the moment and thinking only about the present gives you far more power in your actions than if you become distracted with the past or future. When you feel inspired, act on the The Power of Now is a great way to live you life.The Power of Now is a great way to live you life.moment and just do it. You have great power in the moment, in the passion and believe behind decisive actions. Only the present exists. The past is simply your mind’s perception of things that can no longer affect you. If you choose to dwell on things that you did wrong in the past then you will lose all power in the present. You must know that the past is merely a learning experience and cannot affect the present in any way and say you must put it out of your mind and think only of the present. The future can only exist in the form of guesses and wishes and so it cannot give you what you want. Keeping your mind in the present will give you great power only if you act upon it. Read more about The Secret, an inspirational theory similar to the Power of Now in these other articles: The Secret, the steps of The Secret, and does The Secret work?

by Susan White on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 21:58

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