Will Edward turn Bella into a Vampire?

With the recent events in the Twilight series, it has been brought into question: Will Edward Cullen turn Bella into a vampire? In Twilight New Moon, Edward makes an agreement with the vampire coven Volturi that he will convert Bella into a vampire. He is forced to do this as a condition for them to release them from capture. As such The choice is hard!The choice is hard!it is a coerced agreement and so Edwards honor code may go against this decision. However it might swing the other way as well for Edward Cullen has strong interests in honor and honesty. However he also has a fear of harming Bella and he may consider turning her into a vampire to be a conflict against his interests and that regard.

Additional concerns include those related to the relationship between them.while converting her into a vampire ruin the love that they have between them? Bella may consider it a betrayal for it certainly feels like that. There is already a distance between the two of them over sex and romantic intimacy and this may serve to widen the gap and potentially drive the two of them apart forever. However some believe that the two of them being vampires together what actually strengthened their relationship. It would solve many of the problems related to sex between the two of them. For example Edward would no longer be afraid of hurting Bella for they would both be vampires.

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