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Articles about beauty, fashion, and reviews of beauty and cosmetic products and accessories.

What is a French Braid? +  

A French Braid is a classic type of braided hair, for women with long hair. The main difference between a French Braid and a regular braid is that it does not go "all the way to the scalp" and essentially looks better at the top, as it starts with three "clumps" of hair rather than going all the way to the roots.

To perform a French braid, you should do the following:

French Braid How-to IllustrationFrench Braid How-to Illustration

What is Aloe Vera? +  

Aloe Vera is a natural extract from a type of cactus-like plant that originates from Africa. It is believed by some that Aloe Vera can help in soothing and healing cuts, wounds and burns, and may also be healthy for skin in general.

A picture of the Aloe Vera plantA picture of the Aloe Vera plant

Note that the plant Aloe Vera has two types of extracts: a green-colored sap that can irritate skin, and a clear sap from inside the leaves which is what is generaly used in various types of extracts and aloes made from Aloe Vera.

How Clarins Concealer Stick Saved My Date +  

Before I start let me say that I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup because it takes too much time and I tend to feel that doesn’t make enough difference. I change my mind after what happened last Friday night. I’d been having a really rough week at work. I’m a public relations manager and to be honest it’s kind of a hectic job. I’m constantly running around trying to clean One of these saved my night from disaster!One of these saved my night from disaster!up other people’s mistakes and smoothing things over for them.

Pink for President! +  

Recent studies have shown that the majority of people think that pink is the best color that there is. There is a reason for this. It is because it is an empowering symbol to women and because men find it attractive, whether it be your new Victoria’s Secret bra or a new shade of lipstick from Dior. Pink never goes out of style.Pink never goes out of style. You can ask pretty much any one of your girlfriends and they will tell you that pink is the best color.

Shiseido Natural Eyeliner Pencil Review +  

I know that buying stuff online can be a little offputting sometimes, especially with makeup. A lot of times you really just can’t see the color right until you have it in person. Now I’ve always been a little iffy with eyeliner, never really knowing what to get. But the other day I was just browsing and a product really caught my eye. It was Shiseido Natural Eye Pencil. I didn’t know if I should buy it because it was a little more expensive than I usually pay for eyeliner but I just felt the impulse, I had to get.

Veet Hair Removal Cream Review +  

Veet Hair Removal Cream is the best way of ridding hair on your body.while using razors and shaving cream, it is a lot easier to get those nicks and scratches making your legs full of scars. Veet moisturizers and silkens, while also reading your skin of all that hair with out getting razor burn. When using, you must spray on and let sit for at least one So easy to use!So easy to use!minute. Next you must rinse off with room temperature water. Repeat if desired.

Sonia Kashuk Lashify Mascara and Eyeliner Set Review 1  

So I was browsing around today looking for sweet deals on makeup and I just found the greatest what I want to share with you. It’s the Sonia Kashuk Lashify Mascara and Eyeliner Set! Oh my god it’s so awesome. It’s like a two and one deal where you get all your eye makeup at once. Not only that but it’s really cheap and it works really well too. It gives you a nice rich creamy look and I feel so glamorous when I’m wearing it. This is such an amazing super deal that I just had to share it.

Pantene Conditioner and Shampoo Review +  

Pantene Conditioner is often said to be the number one hair care product on the market. It makes your hair feels silky smooth and easy to manage. The best and newest shampoo pantheon has made is the ice-shine formula. Do not follow the instructions on the back because it will make your hair to shiny so that in future when you use it it won’t work. The right way to use it is to first rub the shampoo all over his scalp. Next you take the conditioner and apply it to behind the ears and down the shaft of the hair cuticles.

Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster Mascara Review +  

Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster Mascara is a brand-new product in the beauty market that provides a unique method of mascara application. It’s vibrating power allows for extended growth of your lashes and boosts the natural appearance of your eyes shine. It helps increase/thickness and density and works in tandem with natural growth to be truly noticeable. It has received high ratings from many customers and from critics. Many women find that it’s difficult to apply mascara evenly and effectively. Worry no more!

Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask Review +  

The Olay Regenerist Facial Treatment Mask is an extremely quality product from a brand that we have all come to know and love. It really sets itself apart from other facial treatment masks by performing its duties to the utmost. In not only nourishes and conditions your sensitive facial skin but also strengthens and replenishes the skin cuticles of your face making it firmer and more resilient.

Olay Regenerist Review +  

Olay Regenerist has become widely discussed among beauty experts. It has been named the number one skin care product of the year by many leading professionals in this area. While using many skin makeup products premature aging can be inadvertently caused by the chemical makeups of the products. This can be aggravated by the roaming application of these products to the skin. This can lead to inadvertent OMG life saver!OMG life saver!splotches and tearing the can mar beautiful skin so easily and be so hard to reverse.

Olay Derma Pod Eye Review +  

Olay Derma Pod Eye is leading the market on anti-aging skin replenishment systems. It rejuvenates your face by filling in the lines and wrinkles of age and actually resurfacing your face. It even decongests any signs of puffiness that might mar your otherwise beautiful face. In just a few easy steps you will look 20 years younger and any signs of stress and aging will be whisked away and you’ll are presented with a brand-new beautiful you.

Olay Daily Regenerating Cleanser Review +  

Hello ladies! I was at Wal-Mart the other day, and I found something that had been recommended to me by a close friend. Normally I only pay for our five dollars for my daily exfoliating scrub, but when I read the label and remembered my friend’s ravings about this particular product, I thought I might as well give it a shot. The product was Olay’s Daily Regenerating Olay Daily Regenerating CleanserOlay Daily Regenerating CleanserCleanser. When I used it I realize that it was the most magnificent cleanser I have ever used.

Olay Body Scrub Review +  

Olay Body Scrub, the latest line of body wash from Olay, has quickly risen to the top. Firstly, it comes in many flavors, all of which smell and feel amazing. It is available in a range of types to accommodate different skin types. It helps a lot to soften and smooth your skin while at the same time moisturizing it. Olay Body Scrub also helps with exfoliating your skin and strengthening your skin’s cuticles, increasing its resistance to dryness and flaking.

NP Napoleon Perdis Show Loose Dust Duo Collection Review +  

When it comes the eye makeup I like to splurge because I think my eyes are the best part of my look. I’m always hunting around for sweet deals and I found one the other day. It was NP Napoleon Perdis Show Loose Dust Duo Collection. This has everything you need and though it may seem a little pricey at actually a good deal because you get eyeshadow and eyeliner. I strongly recommend you try the South Africa Screaming Blue color. It does wonders for your look, and really makes you feel stunning.

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