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How to make changing your carpet after a major mess easy: a guide to carpet tiles

Many people have permanent carpets in their home. While a very nice and comfortable addition to the home, carpets inevitably gets dirty over time and need to be changed. This is especially true if you have pets or young ones in the house. A major grape juice spill, or worse, could create a permanent stain on your lovely carpet. Changing or replacing the whole carpet in Rome is an extremely tedious, and potentially quite expensive and time-consuming process. But there is an alternative.

Carpet Tiles!Carpet Tiles!

Carpet tiles have become quite common in commercial real estate, such as office buildings, banks, retailers, etc. Indeed, your office building may well have carpet tiles. The idea is quite simple really, a layer of Velcro is applied directly to the floor, and then a series of square tiles, each with Velcro on the back, sticks to the floor. Now if someone spills coffee, soy sauce, wine at the holiday party, etc. on the carpet, only the affected titles need to be replaced. This means that likely no significant amounts of furniture need to be moved, and the work environment doesn't need to be disrupted. In addition one does not have to fight against the glue backing of the traditional carpet, which involves a lengthy tearing up process.

Carpet tiles are now available for the home; many major home improvement retailers now offer carpet tiles. If you are buying a new home, or having renovations done, you may want to consider getting carpet tiles. The only real drawback is that each tile is a separate piece, which means that you will likely be able to perceive a line separating each distinct tile. However, the convenience benefits are significant, and should be considered carefully when making a carpet purchasing decision.

by Kimberly Prescott on Sun, 12/13/2009 - 18:29

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