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Home Improvement & Carpentry Terms

What is a Carpentry Run? +  

This term simply refers to the horizontal length of an element of a construction. For example the run of a rafter in-house A is 1 foot.

What is a Rough Opening or RO in Carpentry? +  

This refers to the all the leaves in a framing wall for a door, window or other accessory. These are usually larger than the actual measurements for the sake of easy fitting and to provide for adjustment.

What is Rough Carpentry in Terms of Construction? +  

This is the job of the framing carpenter. All of the floor, wall, and roof framing falls under this category.

What is a Carpentry Rise? +  

This refers to the vertical length of any element in a construction. For example the rise of this rafter in-house A is 10 feet.

What is a Raked Wall in Carpentry Terms? +  

A diagonally aligned wall.

What is a Carpentry Ridge? +  

This refers to the point at the top of a slanted roof. If there is no point in my refer to be flat or curved top of the roof.

What is a Carpentry Rafter? +  

This refers to any of the pieces of wood used to create the roof of Aa construction. They also be made of steel and are among the most common pieces of the average roof.

What is a Carpentry Plumb Bob? +  

This is a carpentry tool that is hung from a higher point to find a corresponding point that lies below it in a perfectly straight line in terms of gravity.

What is a Carpentry Plumb and Line? +  

You are performing plumb and line when you make minor adjustments in terms of straightening and supporting a set of wall framing just before placing a supported load upon it. You usually do this before laying in a floor or ceiling for maximum structural integrity.

What is a Carpentry Plumb? +  

A wall that is plumb is simply running perfectly up and down vertically. If someone tells you to plumb a wall that means that you need to make sure that is perfectly straight up-and-down and perpendicular to the horizontal ground and bottom and top plates.

What is a Carpentry Plate? +  

The top or bottom wooden beam or board in a wall framing. This is usually where most of the supports for a wall that run vertically are attached.

What is a Peak in Carpentry Terms? +  

The point where the roof rafters meet in the middle, generally the highest point in the roof frame.

What does On Center or OC mean in Carpentry Terms? +  

This refers to a measurement system involving the distance between the center of one piece of a structure to the center of another. It is a common term used by many carpenters.

What is a Nonbearing Wall in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is simply a wall that does not support any weight that lies above it. It is the opposite of a bearing wall. Usually support beams or other forms of support are in place to provide for the non-bearing wall.

What is a Miter Cut in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is simply the cutting of the end of a board at a particular angle. This is usually used in sloped roofing.

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