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Home Improvement & Carpentry Terms

What is a Birdsmouth in Carpentry Terms? +  

This is a triangle-shaped cutout of wood or steel is used in wood framing to properly seat a rafter or other support beam. It is created from a level content a plump cut.

What is a Bearing Wall in Carpentry Terms? +  

This term refers to any wall or wall framing it is used to hold up and support a structure that lies above. They can be used to support a ceiling, roof, or the floor above. They are normally built stronger than the average wall as they must carry extra weight.

What is a Balloon Wall in Carpentry Terms? +  

This term covers any wall that is higher than the usual height of eight or 9 inches. Examples include wAalls involved in a stair opening or a two-story foyer. These are also often used as part of a deal wall or a cathedral ceiling.

What is an A Brace in Carpentry? +  

When in the beginning stages of building a structure you need to do what’s called wall framing which is essentially setting up the framework that will hold a wall in place. And a brace is shaped like the letter a and is used to temporarily hold the framework and the wall up until an additional wall can be directed and connected to use as further support.

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