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How Much Will Crashing My Car Increase My Insurance?

For any accident that causes severe damage to your automobile even expect heavy repercussions in your car insurance rates. However a number of factors must be taken into account, most importantly the total charge of the repair bill. If the bill exceeds $1000 you’d expect to see a drastic increase to your annual cost and sometimes even a suspension of your premium. If you were drunk or otherwise influenced at the Wrecking your car drives your insurance through the roof.Wrecking your car drives your insurance through the roof.time of the accident, the increases will be much more severe. Additionally if you have a criminal record this will count against you as well. If it is determined that the accident was your fault this will have a negative impact whereas if it is not your fault you will generally have a much less of a penalty or even none at all. If it is your fault the reason behind it can have a serious effect on this as well. For example swerving so as not to hit a deer is much less severe than general carelessness. Also the conditions of the road that is how wet or snow-covered they were at the time of the accident also come into play.

by Margaret Walker on Thu, 12/10/2009 - 07:15

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