Is Edward Cullen a Virgin?

With the rising popularity of the Twilight series, more and more people are realizing that Edward Cullen’s sexual experience is coming into question. And you may ask is Edward Cullen a virgin? While the truth of the matter is yes, he is. This may come as quite a shock seeing as he’s good-looking How could someone so sexy be a virgin?How could someone so sexy be a virgin?and charming if a little dark, but it really is in tune with his strong ideals of purity and religious abstinence. You must also remember that he is actually 107 years old, which means that he may in fact be the oldest living virgin in the world. It is kind of an odd way to spend a life as a near-immortal creature.

In the final book of the series, Breaking Dawn, he actually does lose his virginity with Bella Swan, his true love. You may agree with me when I say that it was well worth the wait. The purity of their love and the wondrous experience they shared together made it all the better when it finally came about. It was romance in its purest form.

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2010 MTV Awards

Maybe it is because of their nature. Well, Pattinson is doing good in the Twilight series. The 2010 MTV Movie awards have been just as fun this 12 months as in many years past. Awards this yr didn't go to performers who were definitely in odd movies that critics raved about, they actually went to performers who did a beneficial job. Best movie went to, Twilight: New Moon, which was no shock to numerous. The 3rd and final part on the Twilight Saga is going to hit theaters soon, and I am really curious to see if they can have a hit 3 times in a row.

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