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How much does a Tomato Weigh? +  

Tomatoes are originally from Peru and they were first brought to Europe in the XVI century. Until the XIX century, unripe tomatoes were not eaten, being considered poisonous. The tomato is a healthy vegetable with high nutritional value and, above all, a good antioxidant. It is a vegetable rich in Lycopene, the substance that gives the red color, being a good antioxidant for the body, especially in case of cardiovascular diseases. A tomato usually weighs 80-90 grams.

How much does a Tire Weigh? +  

When they first appeared, tires were made out of steel covering wooden wheels, used for wagons and carts. The first rubber tire was made by John Boyd Dunlop in 1887, in his attempt to replace his son’s bicycle wheels. The material used for pneumatic tire is mainly rubber with reinforcing materials such as wire and fabric. In the 20th century the first tire companies appeared, and the industry grew up along with the auto industry. The weight of a tire depends on its size, but the average weight is 22Ibs.

How much does a Turkey Weigh? +  

Turkey is a bird originating from northern United States, being domesticated by the inhabitants of American continent. The turkey is a part of the animals raised exclusively for meat. Turkey is found in Meleagris class that includes six subspecies. Of these six, two have helped to perpetuate the modern turkey: Meleagris gallopavo and Meleagris Ocella. For many farmers, this bird is a real gold mine because the investment in a turkey farm is relatively small taking into consideration the profit earned from selling the meat. Usually a turkey weighs on an average 17 pounds.

How much does a Tree Weigh? +  

Weighing a tree implies many difficulties because it need to be specified if the weight includes leaves, seeds and fruits or just the wood. Another important factor is the age of the tree. There are very mature trees that do not permit an easy handling and for those trees only their girth is measured in order to estimate the biomass. Also, there are many species of trees and each tree weighs different. For example a Mahogany tree weighs 32-34 pounds per cubic foot, and a Teak weighs 30-49 pounds per cubic foot.

How much does a Wedding Band Weigh? +  

The wedding band started to be used during religious ceremonies, somewhere in the first half of the fourth century. The fourth finger was chosen for the wedding band to be worn as a symbol of love, on the left hand due to its link with the heart. The wedding band is unlike any other ring through its simple form, without stones, without models, braids and other decorative items. The most popular type of wedding band is the one made of gold, but other varieties can be found such as platinum wedding bands or silver wedding bands. An average gold wedding band weighs around 3 grams.

How much does a Quarter Horse Weigh? +  

The name of the Quarter Horse is related to the ability of this breed of horse to surpass other breeds of horses in competitions of a quarter mile distance. It is an American breed very good at sprinting on short distances. The breed is known for participating at shows, rodeos and also as a farm horse. It is a breed spread worldwide in countries such as Germany, Italy, Brazil and Australia. The American Quarter Horse has a well structured and strong body reaching an average weight of 1500 pounds.

How much does an Elephant Weigh? +  

Elephants are the largest and heaviest terrestrial animals, and besides that they have large incisors. They also have the longest nose and maybe the best memory. Male African elephant species may exceed a weight of 6 tons. The head weight is a quarter of their body weight. This part of the body, in addition to its considerable weight also have organs that help elephants to provide food such as the trunk, ivory and the giants muscles of the jaw.

How much does a Brain Weigh? +  

The human brain weighs 2% of a person’s body weight, but it uses 20% of the body's energy. The energy used by the brain is enough to light a 25 watt bulb. Unlike any other organ, specialized in processing chemicals and energy, the brain has specialized receptors in processing the information, which are absolutely necessary to regulate the internal organs and human behavior in a highly variable environment. The heaviest human brain weighs 2300 kilograms.

How much does a Horse Weigh? +  

The horse is a herbivore animal, being one of the seven modern species of the Equus genus. Horses were domesticated about 10,000 years ago. During this period these steadfast and energetic animals have been used to transport people and cargo, and sometimes food. Once they have been domesticated horses were bred to obtain certain characteristics and abilities. Depending on breed, behavior and characteristics, horses range from a calm and quiet horse to a smart, agile and determined horse. An average horse weighs between 500 to 600 kilograms.

How much does a Car Weigh? +  

The car, as it is known today was not invented in a single day by a single inventor. The automotive history reflects an evolution that took place worldwide. It is estimated that nearly 100,000 people helped create the modern automobile. The history of the car started with the theoretical plans designated to create the engine. Initial sketches were drawn and designed by Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton. In1769, Francois Cugnot built the first car equipped with a steam engine. The weight of a car depends on many factors, but an average car weighs 4,000 pounds.

How much does a Letter Weigh? +  

A letter helps two people living at a distance from each other to communicate. The text of a letter has no limit. Sometimes, after the sender has finished the letter, he is reminded of something important and adds the information at the end, in a fragment called postscript, a term which comes from Latin and that is shortened PS. According to an established relationship of the sender with the receiver, the letter can be family, friendly, love and official. Usually an average letter weighs one ounce.

How much does an Aluminum Can Weigh? +  

Aluminim cans date from 1960 when they were used for frozen concentrated juice. But in 1961, a company specialized in the fabrication of aluminum cans realized a study that showed that people prefer aluminum cans instead of tin plated steel cans. Soon, aluminum cans were used for soft drinks and beer. Thus, aluminum cans gained a lot of popularity among consumers of all kind of drinks. On average an empty aluminum weighs 14 grams.

How much does a Wolf Weigh? +  

Wolf is the most common species of mammals living today. With a stature of 100-150 cm and weighing between 12 and 80 kg, the wolf is one of the most intelligent and adaptable animals. Wolves live in packs, well organized, and led by a male - the alpha leader. Each pack lives on a well established territory, but to hunt, they often go through long distances in search of prey. The wolf hunts various creatures, from insects to rodents and large animals such as elks, bison and musk ox.

How much does an Ambulance Weigh? +  

The word “ambulance originates from the Latin word “ambulare” which means “to move about” making a reference to the transportation of patients. There are many types of ambulances from those with sirens and warning lights designated for emergency cases, to ambulances intended for the transport of non emergency patients to buses, hospital ships and boats. The first ambulance was used in 1487 by the Spanish people for emergency transport. On average an ambulance weighs between 3.5 and 7 tons.

How much does a Whale Weigh? +  

Whales are among the largest and most famous animals on earth, being members of the cetacean family. The most popular whale is the blue whale, which lives in almost all the oceans of the planet, being one of the largest creatures on Earth. Whales in this race are between 23 and 24.5 meters long (almost as high as a building with 10 floors) and can weigh up to about 110 tons. The body is long, sharp and smooth. The top of the head is very wide, flat, and U -shaped.

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