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Can you have a Pet Cobra? Legal Domesticated King Cobras, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their strange hoods and markings, cobras are a source of fascination for many. Have you ever wanted to own one as a pet? Unfortunately, it is illegal in most states and countries to keep a cobra as a pet. However, you can get around this in certain ways and in certain circumstances. If you are properly trained and certified in handling dangerous snakes then you may be able to obtain special permission in your area to handle a cobra and keep one as a pet.

Can you have a Pet Snake? Legal Domesticated and Trained Snakes, Where are they for Sale? +  

Snakes are many people’s worst nightmare. But they are also the loving pets of many others. If you have ever wanted to have a pet snake, then you will be pleased to know that is legal in many states and countries, provided that the snake is not dangerous in some way. Larger snakes and poisonous ones are often prohibited by laws or governed by strict policies and permit requirements. Snakes can be purchased from many pet dealers, although availability and location dependent entirely upon the breed of snake in question.

Can you have a Pet Rattlesnake? Legal Domesticated Rattlesnakes, Where are they for Sale? +  

Rattlesnakes are amazing creatures, but can you keep them as pets? The answer is yes, but it depends upon certain circumstances. In many areas and countries it is outright illegal to keep a pet rattlesnake due to the danger of its bites. However, there are great deal of places where it is legal. Rattlesnakes can even be obtained with their venom sacs removed to prevent any danger in their biting you. If the venom sacs have not been removed then you will need to be extremely careful to avoid being bitten.

Can you have a Pet Vampire Bat? Legal Domesticated Vampire Bats, Where are they for Sale? +  

Vampire bats are fascinating creatures that have inspired wonder and mystery for thousands of years. Anyone who is a good vampire buff has asked the question, is it legal to keep a pet vampire bat? Unfortunately, it is generally not legal to keep a pet vampire bat, at least under normal circumstances. Due to the spread of rabies by bats, the United States and numerous other countries have placed a ban on keeping bats of any type as pets. However, these bans do not prevent you from building a bat house in your yard, stocking it with food, and attracting bats in this manner.

Can you have a Pet Bat? Legal Domesticated Bats, Where are they for Sale? +  

Mysterious creatures of the night, bats have held the riveted interest of people throughout the ages. Consequently, many people have asked if it is legal to keep a bat as a pet. Unfortunately, in the United States and many other countries around the world keeping a bat as a pet is illegal. This is due to their proficiency at spreading rabies. But do not give up; there is an alternative that you can make use of. Build a bat house and put it up in your garden or yard. The darker the interior of the bat house is during the day, the more likely bats will enjoy sleeping in it.

Can you have a Pet Porcupine? Legal Domesticated Porcupines, Where are they for Sale? +  

In spite of their sharp quills, porcupines are extremely cute and seem like they would make great pets. But is this really the case? In fact, keeping a porcupine as a pet is possible and legal, under the correct circumstances. First, you’ll need to ensure that keeping an exotic pet is legal in your area, state, or country. If it is, then you’ll need to obtain a special license or permit by taking an exam in class on the subject. You also need to have the facilities and food supply necessary to keep a porcupine healthy and happy. Porcupines can be purchased from special exotic pet dealers.

Can you have a Pet Sloth? Legal Domesticated Sloths, Where are they for Sale? +  

Sloths are extremely cute and seem like they would make wonderful pets. But is it possible to keep a sloth as a pet? As a matter of fact, you can. Sloths are legal to keep as pets in many states and countries, provided that there are no specific laws banning exotic pets in your area. You will need to obtain a special exotic pets permit to keep a sloth, and you will be expected to care for her well and provide it with its special dietary needs. Sloths are hard to find for sale, but it is not impossible.

Can you have a Pet Gorilla? Legal Domesticated Gorillas, Where are they for Sale? +  

Gorrillas are a big, furry, and extremely smart. Many people say that they would make good pets, but is this the case? The answer is, in fact, yes. Gorillas are very intelligent and can relate well to humans and even communicate with them given of time. Unfortunately, gorillas are illegal to be kept as pets since they are quite rare and require a large amount of care to maintain them. They’re protected by numerous preservation laws and at this time they cannot be bought legally on any market.

Can you have a Pet Lemur? Legal Domesticated Lemurs, Where are they for Sale? +  

Lemurs are unbelievably cute and intelligent. They would make excellent pets, but only if it is legal. Unfortunately, it is not. Lemurs fluctuate along the line separating normal animals from endangered species. Lemurs are also wild animals and are protected by a wide range of laws in their native countries. If lemurs ever lose their endangered status and become legal to be kept as pets, then you will be able to obtain one by speaking with specialized pet dealers on the subject. However, you should expect it to be quite expensive.

Can you have a Pet Gazelle? Legal Domesticated Gazelles, Where are they for Sale? +  

Gazelles are beautiful and graceful creatures, especially if you observe them in the wilds of Africa. But is it legal to keep a gazelle as a pet? Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer as to the question of legality is no. Gazelles are protected by a wide range of laws in Africa to protect wildlife from being poached and captured. While gazelles are not endangered, they could easily be wiped out by a sudden drive of hunting and poaching. Currently, the only way to keep a pet gazelle is to open the zoo.

Can you have a Pet Hippopotamus? Legal Domesticated Hippos, Where are they for Sale? +  

Everybody loves a hippopotamus. And wouldn’t you just love to have a hippo as a pet? While it would be an amazing experience, it is unfortunately illegal in most cases. Hippos are generally protected by national laws to protect wildlife in their native environments. Generally, the only way to keep the pet hippo is to open a zoo or to become a wildlife caregiver and move to Africa. as a result, obtaining a pet hippopotamus can be quite difficult. If hippopotamuses are ever considered legal to be kept as pets, that an exotic pet dealer or trainer would be able to supply you with one.

Can you have a Pet Rhinoceros? Legal Domesticated Rhinos, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their large horns and powerful bodies, rhinoceroses would make extraordinary pets. But it is at all possible? The answer, at least in some cases, is yes. You’ll need to obtain a special exotic pets license or permit depending on where you live, and some places it is simply illegal outright. Obtaining a pet rhinoceros is a little more difficult than getting permission to keep one. In most cases, rhinos are protected by national laws against harm to wildlife. In some cases, wildlife preserves and sues throughout Africa will put rhinos up for sale on the open market.

Can you have a Pet Giraffe? Legal Domesticated Giraffes, Where are they for Sale? +  

There is a point in everyone’s life when asked the question, can you have a pet giraffe? The answer to this all-important question is in fact yes. Giraffes can be legally as pets in many of the states as well as numerous countries around the world. However, you will need to acquire a special exotic pets license and permit and you’ll need to live in a rural area and have the appropriate facilities to house and care for your pet giraffe.

Can you have a Pet Lemming? Legal Domesticated Lemmings, Where are they for Sale? +  

Lemmings are extremely desirable as pets, with her cute fuzzy little noses and adorable faces. But is it legal? The answer, in the majority of cases, is yes. Much like gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, lemmings are small and have generally low requirements for keeping them as pets. You may need a special pet permit depending on where you live, but usually this is not necessary. Lemmings are sometimes sold by large pet stores, or by specialty pet breeders.

Can you have a Pet Zebra? Legal Domesticated Zebras, Where are they for Sale? +  

Zebras are striking creatures in their appearance and their behavior. Like horses in some ways, zebras are also quite different. As to the legality of keeping a zebras as a pet, the answer depends upon where you live. Numerous states and countries have laws banning exotic pets, but if it is in fact legal in your state or region to own exotic pets, then you can have a zebra. In general, you will need to obtain a specific license to own an exotic pet or livestock. You also most likely need to live in a rural area to accommodate the zebra’s outdoor lifestyle.

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