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Elance Average Cost - What is the average cost of Elance for sellers and providers? +  

Elance is a popular recruiting and matchmaking system for pairing freelance buyers and sellers together. For buyers, the service is largely free other than a one-time $5.00 signup charge. For sellers, it is more expensive as this is where Elance extracts its revenue. Generally, providers on Elance make money by being paid through Elance's payment system, which takes off about 8.75% in addition to various fees. In addition, to confirm a provider's identity, take qualification exams, etc. -- all of which are usually required to make reasonable sales -- additional fees may apply.

Can you have a Pet Meerkat? Legal Domesticated Meerkats, Where are they for Sale? +  

Meerkats are extremely cute and intelligent. As a result, many people desire them as pets. But is this possible, and would this even be legal? The answer to both these questions, in most cases, is no. Meerkats are protected by multiple laws in the interests of their well-being. As a result, almost all sales of meerkats except to zoos are illegal. If you were able to obtain a meerkat as a pet, it most likely would not survive well in captivity, as they crave open spaces and constantly need to burrow, looking for food. Most meerkats die in captivity.

Can you have a Pet Polar Bear? Legal Domesticated and Safe Polar Bears, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their white fur and powerful bodies, polar bears are beautiful creatures, especially when observed in their natural habitat. So can you keep one as a pet? The answer in almost all cases is no. In fact the only way to legally keep a polar bear as a pet is to become a certified wildlife caregiver. You’ll need to obtain a permit and have the appropriate facilities. Rather than being given a polar bear as a pet, you’ll be entrusted with its safety and well-being until it can be reunited with its natural environment.

Can you have a Pet Jaguar? Legal Domesticated Jaguars, Where are they for Sale? +  

Anyone who has ever seen a jaguar and a zoo, on the discovery channel, or in the wild has almost certainly wanted nothing more than to keep one as a pet. In fact, while many states and countries have laws banning the domestication of exotic and dangerous animals, many others allow it legally. Check to see if it is legal in your state or country, and then see about obtaining a permit to keep a dangerous or exotic animal. If you get past that step, then next you’ll need to purchase a trained jaguar from a special exotic animal trainer or breeder.

Can you have a Pet Cheetah? Legal Domesticated Safe Cheetahs, Where are they for Sale? +  

Cheetahs are proud and magnificent creatures, a true testament to the power of nature. So you have most likely asked the question before, is it legal or even possible to keep a cheetah as a pet? The answer, in some cases, is yes. While nearly half of the United States has a ban on exotic pets, their many countries and states that will allow you to keep the cheetah is a pet legally. This is provided that you obtain a special permit to allow you to keep dangerous and exotic animals.

Can you have a Pet Snow Leopard? Legal Domesticated Safe Snow Leopards, Where are they for Sale? +  

Snow leopards are the epitome of beauty in nature. They’re naturally extremely intelligent, elegant, and deadly. So many have asked the question: can you keep a Snow Leopard as a pet? The answer is yes, but there are several requirements. First off, it is illegal to keep large dangerous animals and exotic pets in general in 19 out of the 50 states of the US, not to mention many countries throughout the rest of the world. If it is legal in your area, then you must obtain a special permit and have the appropriate space and facilities to maintain the snow leopard’s lifestyle.

Can you have a Pet Leopard? Legal Domesticated Safe and Trained Leopards, Where are they for Sale? +  

Leopards are majestic creatures, with their graceful movements and powerful bodies. As a result, many people have wanted to keep leopards as pets over the years. So the real question is, is this legal? The answer in some cases is yes. You will need to check with your local state or city laws as to keeping exotic animals as pets. In general, you’ll need a special permit for keeping a large dangerous animal and you’ll most likely have to live in a rural area.

Can you have a Pet Camel? Legal Domesticated Camels, Where are they for Sale? +  

If you have ever thought about having a pet camel, then you are definitely not alone. But is keeping a pet camel legal? The answer, in most cases, is yes. A large number of countries and states around the world do allow camels to be kept as pets. You will need to live in a rural area and have the appropriate large animal permit as well as proper living quarters for the camel. Camels can make excellent pets, quite similar to horses and ponies in many ways. Even purchase camels from exotic livestock breeders.

Can you have a Pet Electric Eel? Legal Domesticated Electric Eels, Where are they for Sale? +  

The electric eel has been a subject of mystery and fascination ever since it was first discovered. With its capability of generating electrical charges to zap potential predators and prey, the electric eel seems like it would make an excellent pet. But what about the legal side of things? In most states and regions around the world, electric eels are legal to be kept as pets. Like all animals, if found in the wild it is illegal to trap them or capture them. When obtained from a licensed dealer, it is perfectly legal in most cases.

Can you have a Pet Flying Squirrel? Legal Domesticated Flying Squirrels, Where are they for Sale? +  

Looking at a flying squirrel’s cute little face, it’s hard not to wonder if they can be kept as pets. But is that legal? The answer is yes, but only in some cases. Flying squirrels make their homes in the southwestern United States and certain other regions of the world. Capturing a flying squirrel from the wild is illegal almost everywhere, so you must acquire one from an exotic pet dealer or breeder. In most cases you’ll need a permit to legally own a pet flying squirrel. In other cases, state or national laws may prohibit keeping a flying squirrel as a pet.

Can you have a Pet Anteater? Legal Domesticated Anteaters, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their long curling tongues and their cute little faces, who doesn’t want an anteater as a pet? But are they legal? And would they make a good pet? In many countries and states, and eaters are legal to be kept as pets. As long as they have not been captured illegally in the wild, then and eaters are not considered dangerous or protected in most legal cases. As for their making a good pet, anteaters are fairly tame if you don’t scare them. They will curl up on your lap after a long day and lick your face.

Can you have a Pet Thorny Devil? Legal Domesticated Thorny Devils, Where are they for Sale? +  

Thorny devils are amazing little creatures, but can they be legally kept as pets? The answer is somewhat mixed for the most part. Australia has laws in place to protect its native wildlife and its exportation. However, some countries allow the legal ownership of thorny devils. Purchasing a thorny devil can be done through an exotic pet dealer and is generally quite Who doesn't want a pet thorny devil?Who doesn't want a pet thorny devil?expensive.

Can you have a Pet Squid? Legal Domesticated Giant Squids, Where are they for Sale? +  

Many people ask the question, is it legal to own a pet squid? The answer in many cases is yes. Many states and countries allow squids to be kept as pets, provided you have the proper equipment for their needs. Squids require special tanks and environmental conditions for their Who doesn't want a pet squid?Who doesn't want a pet squid?survival. You must also consider the cost of food, which can be as high as $40 per month. To purchase a squid, speak to an exotic pet supplier or marine pet shop.

Can you have a Pet Octopus? Legal Domesticated Pet Octopuses, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their eight legs, octopuses seem like they would make excellent pets. But is that legal? The answer, in most cases, is yes. Many countries and states allow octopuses to be kept as pets. You will need an aquarium specially equipped to provide for the needs of an octopus and the food bill will often be expensive: about $40 per month. Certain types of octopus are Who doesn't want a pet octopus?Who doesn't want a pet octopus?poisonous, such as the blue ring octopus, and so are not recommended as pets as they can be quite dangerous.

Can you have a Pet Jellyfish? Legal Domesticated Pet Jellyfishes, Where are they for Sale? +  

Jellyfish are fascinating creatures, mysterious and elegant in a way all their own. Can you keep them as pets? In most countries around the world, including much of the United States, jellyfish are legal pets. The only types of jellyfish that are often illegal are the poisonous ones, since they have stingers and toxins that can Who doesn't want a pet jellyfish?Who doesn't want a pet jellyfish?cause serious harm to humans. Jellyfish can be bought from many pet and fish stores around the world.

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