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Can you have a Pet Beaver? Legal Domesticated Beavers, Where are they for Sale? +  

Beavers are furry and cute, but are they legal to keep as pets? And would you want to? The answer to both those questions is maybe. Keeping beavers is legal in some states and countries, depending entirely upon local laws and city ordinances. If you do find yourself able to keep a pet beaver, they can make very excellent pets indeed. Who doesn't want a pet beaver?Who doesn't want a pet beaver?They have been observed to behave similar to dogs or cats, following you around your house and curling up in your lap to be stroked.

Can you have a Pet Sea Otter? Legal Domesticated Sea Otters, Where are they for Sale? +  

With their furry bodies and expressive faces, sea otters are cute and loveable creatures. Many people ask, is it legal to keep a sea otter as a pet? The answer is yes, but only under certain circumstances. Depending on the country you are in, the law may vary. In the United States (depending on your state laws), you usually need a special license and two years of Who doesn't want a pet sea otter?Who doesn't want a pet sea otter?wildlife rehabilitation training to legally adopt a sea otter.

Can you have a Pet Grizzly Bear? Legal Domesticated and Safe Grizzly Bears, Where are they for Sale? +  

Grizzly bears are glorious examples of nature’s power. Often standing taller than 8 feet, the grizzly is truly a sight to behold. So, is it safe and legal to keep one as a pet? The answer, unfortunately, is usually no. Most countries and states have specific laws against large and dangerous animals Who hasn't dreamed of having a pet grizzly bear?Who hasn't dreamed of having a pet grizzly bear?being kept as pets. In the rare occasions that it is considered legal, grizzly bears are hard to obtain and very expensive.

Can you have a Pet Bear? Legal Domesticated Safe and Trained Black Bears, Where are they for Sale? +  

Bears are some of the strongest animals in nature, dominating forests around the world. Many people have asked the question: Can you have a bear as a pet? Unfortunately, in most cases the answer is no. Bears are large and immensely powerful, able to kill potential owners with ease. As a result, most countries and states do not allow them to be kept as pets. Certain Who doesn't want a pet bear?Who doesn't want a pet bear?exceptions can be made, however, especially in the cases of animal trainers, zoos, circuses, and wildlife specialists.

Can you have a Pet Eagle? Legal Domesticated and Trained Bald Eagles, Where are they for Sale? +  

Eagles are truly majestic, even among other birds of prey. They are the symbol of grace and power, appearing on numerous national seals and coats of arms around the world. But are they legal to keep as pets? The answer is yes, but not in all cases. Certain species are officially labeled as endangered, which makes them illegal in Who doesn't want a pet eagle?Who doesn't want a pet eagle?most countries. Many states and countries have laws and local ordinances against keeping large birds due to safety concerns among other reasons.

Can you have a Pet Platypus? Legal Domesticated Duck Billed Platypuses, Where are they for Sale? +  

The platypus is a strange and mysterious creature, sharing attributes from numerous types of animals, but belonging to none. Are they legal to keep as pets? In the majority of cases, the answer is no. Platypuses are an endangered species, and as a result almost all countries consider it illegal to contribute to their scarcity in the wild.

Can you have a Pet Frog? Legal Domesticated Frogs, Where are they for Sale? +  

Frogs are fascinating creatures for many, but are they legal to keep as pets? The answer is, in most cases, yes. Most species of frogs are relatively harmless and are legal to keep as pets in most states and countries. Illegality usually arouses from illegal capture, lack of proper care, violation of city ordinances, and safety concerns. Some species of frogs have deadly Who doesn't want a pet frog?Who doesn't want a pet frog?poisonous chemicals in their skin and should be carefully avoided for this reason.

Can you have a Pet Owl? Legal Domesticated and Trained Owls, Where are they for Sale? +  

Owls are a proud and powerful bird of prey. Looking upon their majesty, many ponder the question: Is it legal to own a pet owl? Looking at the Harry Potter movies, you will see owls kept as pets, supporting the possibility. But unfortunately the legal reality is a little more complicated and unclear. The majority of areas have laws against keeping owls as pets due to Who doesn't want a pet owl?Who doesn't want a pet owl?concerns of avian flu.

How to predict airline prices and airfare? +  

Believe it or not, it is possible and actually quite easy to predict airline prices and airfair. You won't even need to use a calculator.

For most domestic travel (in the United States) and some international travel, you can use Bing travel to predict the airfare. It will tell you whether the prices are likely to go up, likely to go down, or likely to stay the same in the future, and it will give you the degree of confidence it has in the prediction.

Think of it like weather prediction for airfare.

What is the Journal Nature Acceptance Rate? +  

Nature is generally considered to be the most prestigious journal in the physical sciences, and so publication in Nature is greatly sought-after. Nature first has an editorial review which screens out about 70% of articles as not being appropriate, too detailed, or not important enough. The remaining 30% are sent out for peer review. Of these, approximately half are accepted for publication. This yields a final acceptance rate, when everything has been taken into account of about 9%. This number obviously fluctuates over time.

Average Cost of Solar Panels for Home Use? +  

Solar panels for home use are sold by wattage (power) output, so the average cost of a solar panel depends on how much power output you want. Most homes require multiple solar panels connected together to produce enough power to power the home. In addition, a separate battery pack is generally required.

Picture of a solar panelPicture of a solar panel

What is a Black Unicorn? +  

A black unicorn is almost identical to the traditional white unicorn, with the key difference that it is, of course, entirely black. Much like a black horse is to a white horse, the black unicorn has a different color of coat. Black unicorns, however, are believed to be quite rare compared to white unicorns and are not often mentioned in fantasy novels. The horn of the black unicorn is also black.

The second novel in the Magic Kingdom of Landover series by Terry Brooks is titled "The Black Unicorn" and concerns such a mythical beast.

What is Sprint Pimp? +  

Sprint Pimp is a forum on for Sprint cellular customers to discuss things related to Sprint service. The forum was user-started and is a popular place to vent about problems, ask for technical help, and also discuss upcoming phones and features.

How to write a poem of friends and family +  

Writing a poem about friends and family is a challenging task. This brief and straightforward guide will help you to do it.

When writing a poem about friends and family, the key is really to dig down deep into your emotions, and really think about what these people mean to you. What would it be like if they weren't around? How would you remember them? How would you describe them to someone else?

You might try using some structure, too. Consider the following structure:

When Was Common Sense Published? +  

Common Sense is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine. It was first published anonymously on January 10, 1776, during the American Revolution. Common Sense was an instant best-seller, both in the An original copy of the Common Sense PamphletAn original copy of the Common Sense Pamphletcolonies and in Europe. It went through several editions in Philadelphia and was republished in all parts of united America. It spurred the American colonists to raise an effective revolt against the British rule and strive for independence.

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