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Can you have a Pet Shark? Legal, Safe Domesticated Sharks +  

For those of us who know that sharks are not always the vicious predators they are made out to be, the question has been asked: can you safely and legally domesticate a shark? Unfortunately, shark enthusiasts will be disappointed The answer is no. The simple Is it safe and legal to domesticate a shark?Is it safe and legal to domesticate a shark?potential dangers of keeping such a predator put most governments on edge and so it is not allowed in the vast majority of countries.

Can you have a Pet Dolphin? Legal Domesticated Dolphins +  

Most people know of the intelligence and the majesty of the elegant dolphin. But most people have also wondered if it is possible to domesticated dolphin and keep it as a pet. The answer is, at least in some cases, yes. If you can obtain a legal license or permission to keep a dolphin, Dolphins can make amazing petsDolphins can make amazing petsthen it is quite possible. However, you will need to spend significant funds upon housing and feeding such a large animal. Such an endeavor is not to be taken lightly as it can be very expensive.

Can you have a Pet Whale? Legal Domesticated Whales +  

When witnessing the marvelous presence of a whale, you may have wondered, is it possible to keep one as a pet? Can you legally domesticate a whale? Unfortunately, under the vast majority of government regulations it is not legal to keep a whale as a pet. If it were illegal, then you would need significant funds to spend on the housing and feeding for such a large animal. Medical care could also be an issue as well.

Can you have a Pet Seal? Legal Domesticated Seals +  

Anyone who has seen a seal knows how cute they are and has probably wondered if it is possible to keep one as a pet. The answer is yes and it is in fact even legal. However, there are heavy restrictions and limitations for keeping a seal as a pet. First of all, you must spend an enormous Legally domesticated seals can make amazing petsLegally domesticated seals can make amazing petsamount of money on the facilities needed to house the animal as well as a lot of time required to care for the animal.

Can you have a Pet Fox? Legal Domesticated Foxes +  

If you have ever wondered about keeping a pet fox, then you may be interested to know that it is not only possible, but also (in most cases) legal. To own a fox, you will most likely need to obtain a permit or register the pad in some way. In many Domesticated foxes can make excellent petsDomesticated foxes can make excellent petslocations it may be illegal, so bear this in mind. You must also remember that foxes may require considerably more upkeep and care than other forms of domesticated pets.

Can you have a Pet Falcon? Legal Domesticated Falcons +  

You may have wondered if it is possible and legal to keep a falcon as a pet. The answer is actually yes. If you follow the specific laws and regulations involved then falcons can make excellent pets. Falcons are often used in hunting and for training in other Legally trained falcons can make great petsLegally trained falcons can make great petsuses. Falcons can be purchased from certain specialty pet suppliers and trainers.

Can you have a Pet Hawk? Legal Domesticated Hawks +  

Is it possible or even legal to own a pet hawk? The legality of this issue may change drastically depending upon your location. Some states and countries do in fact allow hawks to be kept as pets. They can make excellent pets and can be used as trained Trained hawks can make excellent petsTrained hawks can make excellent petshunters. However, they can also be dangerous as they are natural predators. Also bear in mind that maintaining a hawk as a pet requires considerably more upkeep cost and time than many other types of pets.

Can you have a Pet Crow? Legal Domesticated Crows +  

Mysterious and dark, crows have been the object of mankind’s thoughts for centuries. But is it legal to own a crow as a pet? Is it even possible? In fact, it is. While the laws concerning this matter can be somewhat strict depending on your location, is usually not outright illegal to own a pet Legally trained crows make great petsLegally trained crows make great petscrow. This does not mean that you should go out and trap a wild crow, however. Not only is this illegal, it may also be dangerous.

Can you have a Pet Raven? Legal Domesticated Ravens +  

Few animals are surrounded by more mystique than the noble raven. Have you ever wondered if keeping a pet raven was possible? It is in fact, under certain circumstances, legal to own a raven as a pet. However, you cannot just go out and trap and train one yourself. There are very specific laws regarding certain birds as Ravens can make excellent petsRavens can make excellent petspets. Additionally, wild ravens may play host to certain diseases and parasites. All this aside, there are pet suppliers that are capable of selling ravens.

Can you have a Pet Wolf? Legal, Safe, Domesticated Wolves +  

Wolves are proud and elegant creatures, a glorious example of nature’s grace and power. But is it legal to own a wolf? Is it safe? While it might be possible, wolves can be quite dangerous. When properly domesticated, they could be potentially as tame as dogs. This is a matter for Will you give me a home?Will you give me a home?professional animal wranglers and trainers though, not a casual pet owner. Ownership of a wolf can also violate certain laws and regulations. A better, safer, legal alternative to a pet wolf is a husky.

Can you have a Pet Monkey? Legal Domesticated Monkeys +  

You have probably seen films or read books in which monkeys were kept as pets. Is this legal or even possible? The answer is yes. Domesticated monkeys can be bought legally from certain specialty pet supplying businesses. The regulations and laws surrounding ownership of a domesticated Legally domesticated monkeys make great petsLegally domesticated monkeys make great petsmonkeys, however, are much more strict than for most other pets. Monkeys are also known to be extremely messy and mischievous, dangerously coupled with their ability to climb.

Can you have a Pet Tiger? Legal, Safe Domesticated Tigers +  

Anyone who has seen the majestic tiger has probably had wild fantasies about keeping one as a pet. But what if this was possible? It is actually legal and possible to own a domesticated tiger as a pet. However, there are very strict regulations and laws, which must be observed closely Legally domesticated tigers can be amazing petsLegally domesticated tigers can be amazing petsfor this to happen. These laws are in place for the welfare of the animal as well as the safety of the public and the owner.

What is Murphy’s Law? Origin and Meaning +  

Murphy’s Law is an adage that says: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Many people use it, particularly engineers, to address the numerous issues that any given process can have. Murphy’s Law has been around for centuries, but got its name in 1949. Murphy’s Law got its name from a letter written by George Nichols, talking about a Captain Ed Murphy: “The Law's namesake was Capt. Ed Murphy, a development engineer from Wright Field Aircraft Lab.

What is the Avatar Sequel Release Date? When is Avatar 2 Coming Out? +  

With all the buzz over Avatar, everyone has been asking the same question: When is the sequel to Avatar being released? So far the release date for the upcoming sequel has been held pretty close to the chest by its creators. However, a source recently leaked a high likelihood that the film would be coming out in the second half of 2012. When will the Avatar Sequel be released?When will the Avatar Sequel be released?Unfortunately this information cannot be verified but it does seem a good pointer towards the exact date.

Avatar 2 Trailer: The Secretly Leaked Trailer for the Avatar Sequel +  

After the enormous hit of the original Avatar film, anticipation has reached an enormous height concerning the sequel, Avatar 2. Well look no further! Paint your skin blue and check out this recently released trailer for Avatar 2!

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