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How much does a Watermelon Weigh? +  

Studies have shown that the watermelon is much more rich in lycopene than tomatoes, being an antioxidant that fights cancer and cardiovascular diseases, boosts immunity and increases the body's natural level of skin protection against ultraviolet rays. It originates from South Africa and Central Africa and has been cultivated since ancient times by Indians, Arabs and Egyptians. In ancient times it was used as a refreshing fruit as well as an anti hemolytic. It was also used in traditional medicine in cases of fever and. A watermelon can reach a weight of 25 kilos.

How much does a Rat Weigh? +  

There are 56 species of small rodents, that are called rats. These are harmful animals both for plants and for people, being carriers of some diseases. For example the Egyptian rat is known to be particularly harmful because of the damage they cause and the dangerous germs as a virtual carrier of serious diseases such as plague, leprosy, typhus and rabies. Water rats cause damage by gnawing the roots of trees and forest trees. Usually, adult rats weigh between 250 and 500 grams.

How much does a Ring Weigh? +  

Rings have a very old history, as old as the Egyptian history. It seems that the apparition of rings is related to the wearing of a ring with seal that symbolized power. Also, rings as objects of adornment were worn by rich Egyptian women, usually made from gold. There are many types of rings, but the most important is the engagement ring. Romans were the first who used to wear rings not just to show their social status, but to show the engagement between a man and a woman. Rings can be found in many sizes and made from different materials.

How much does a Refrigerator Weigh? +  

Before the appearance of the refrigerator, people used ice cubes in order to conserve different products. The principle of maintaining a lower temperature than the ambient temperature was discovered by Carl von Linde. The cooling effect when referred to the refrigerator is obtained through a cycle of condensation and evaporation of a chemical compound, usually Freon or propane. The refrigerator is a contemporary invention among kitchen appliances and it can be found in many styles such as traditional style, side by side and French door style. A refrigerator weighs around 91 kg.

How much does an Envelope Weigh? +  

At the beginning envelopes exist in the form of wrapped clay used by the Babylonians in 2000 BC, to protect important information such as accounts, loans or receivables and notes. Clay in its primary form was wrapped around the block that contained the protected information, and then baked in the oven. In the 10th century the paper started to be used and envelops were fabricated manually. The first envelope making machine was patented by Edwin Hill in 1845. A standard envelope weighs around 6.75 grams.

How much does an Elk Weigh? +  

The elk as the largest representative of the deer, is a huge animal. It clearly exceeds the size of the deer. Thus the body length reaches 2.90 m, plus a tail of 4-5 cm. The height at the withers reaches 2.10 m for males and 1.70 m in females. The weight reaches, typically, between 320 and even 500 kg in males and in females between 270 and 380 kg. The elk lives in forest habitat, its main food being the grass and the leaves. The elk originates from North America, but it has adapted very well in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Argentina.

How much does a Teenage Guy Weigh? +  

Adolescent development is a complex process that incorporates both the physical and mental development. Parents must take part in adolescent development, by giving advice, understanding and support. The teenager will develop rapidly in his parent’s eyes, so they have to stay alert in order to capture every change. For boys the adolescence starts later than girls and the average weight for a 13 year old boy is 85lbs, reaching to a weight of 160lbs at 20 years.

How much does a Teenage Girl Weigh? +  

Adolescence begins with puberty and ends with maturity, the adult stage. It is characterized by a jump in physical development such as height, weight, proportions. Physical development in adolescence is different from adolescent to adolescent, sometimes being faster in girls than in boys. The growth in height stops at about 17 years in girls and 18 years in boys. Usually, the adolescence starts at 13 years, when a girl weighs around 100 lbs and it ends at 19-20 years when a girl weighs around 130lbs.

How much does a Textbook Weigh? +  

Textbooks are manuals of instruction in different domains of study. Textbooks have old roots in Greek culture, when Greeks used to write texts designated for education. In the 19th century, the development of education brought the need of editing textbooks that become an important teaching instrument. In USA schooling there were two textbooks with a very important significance: the New England Primer edited in the 18th century and the 19th century McGuffey Readers. On average, a textbook weighs 1-2 pounds.

How much does a Rabbit Weigh? +  

Rabbits are mammals with a life generally ranging between 8 and 12 years for rabbits that live in captivity, in good conditions of life. The hope of life for rabbits that live in the wildness is much less because of harsh conditions and predators. Rabbits are part of the family Leporidae, order Lagomorpha and are classified into two categories: wild rabbits and domestic rabbits. Genetically, these two types of rabbits are very different and cannot be bred together. A rabbit weighs between 4.5 and 5 pounds.

How much does a Train Weigh? +  

Traffic engineers affirm with all certainty that the international transportation of goods and passengers on the railway remains the best way. Congested roads, long delays to and from the airport made passengers choose the railway transport. The first record of speed, of 181km/hour was set by a steam locomotive of New York Central in 1893. Circulation at such speed was impossible at that time. Today, diesel trains are spectacular, reaching a speed of 260 km/hour. The fastest high speed train is the France train called TGV which achieved a speed of 547,8km/hour in 2007.

How much does a Truck Weigh? +  

The word “truck” derives from the word “truckle” meaning small wheel or from the Latin word “trochus” meaning iron hoop. It was used for the first time with its real meaning in 1930. In states such as USA and Canada the word truck defines commercial vehicles larger than normal cars. In Australia and New Zealand a truck is called a ute (from utility). In United Kingdom, Malaysia, India, Ireland and Singapore, the word lorry is used instead of truck. Trucks can be found in many sizes, with different configurations and these have an average weight of 20 tons.

What does LMAO Mean in Texting? +  

LMAO stands for “Laughing My Ass Off”. It is a slang abbreviation and is inappropriate to be used in certain contexts. LMAO is used as a response to a very funny joke or making someone believe that even if it wasn’t intended, whatever has been said is truly funny. Although a slang, LMAO is a friendly gesture and does not mean anything insulting. However, it can be a blunder to use it for as a response to someone revered, especially in international communities.

What Are Some Good Words That Start With Y? +  

Few words in the English language begin with the letter ‘Y’. However, some words we use in everyday life include ‘Yardstick’ – meaning milestone or benchmark. ‘Yashmak’ is another word used to describe the facial veil used by Muslim women. Words beginning with Y also include derivate words included in the modern dictionary – such as ‘Yestermorn’, ‘Yes-man’ and ‘Yorker’ besides common words such as ‘Yes’ and ‘Yesterday’. ’Yorker’ refers is a type of delivery in cricket that pitches as close as possible to the batsman’s toes.

Can You Sell Pets on Craigslist? +  

Breeders cannot use Craigslist to sell their dogs. However, if you have a pet dog and want to give it up to another home, there is a way out. Craigslist provides the option of “re-homing” a dog. Since as a pet owner you would want a certain quality of living conditions for the dog, you can charge a re-homing fee. Craigslist norms mention that about $500 is the average rate of a re-homing fee. Although Craigslist does not provide the old owner any more convenience to ensure a clean life for the dog, the payment and the eagerness of the new buyer can be ensured thus.

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