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Best Way to Attract Deer +  

The best way to track deer will differ greatly among hunters who make a sport of it. The most common methods include: putting out a block of salt in the woods, placing a 5 gallon bucket of corn out, putting vanilla extract on a tree branch, putting peanut butter on a tree branch, putting out a bucket of horse feed and urinating on the ground. Each of these ways seems to be popular ways to attract deer.

Where do Bees go in the Winter? +  

In the winter, bees go into the central area of their hives and form what’s called a “winter cluster.” There they shiver and rotate around the queen bee to keep the core temperature at approximately 80 degrees. They rotate in and out of the core so that no bee feels the cold. The colder the weather is, the more compact the beehive becomes. The hibernating bees consume stored honey to keep themselves warm. The honey helps the bees produce body heat within the cluster.

Where do Fleas Come From? +  

Fleas come from the surface of the ground. They search for animals to get attached to so that they can suck their blood. Once they get into your house, if you have a dog or cat, they will instantly jump onto them. Then the female flea will lay eggs everyday on your pet. They make their way into your house by attaching themselves to an animal or even to your socks until they find an animal to latch on to.

When was the Moon Formed? +  

The prevailing theory claims that the moon was formed about 30-50 million years after the Solar System. The “giant impact theory” seems to be what formed the moon. According to this theory, the Earth was without a moon until it was hit by another planet, which instantly vaporized. Supposedly, the impact created a cloud that became known as the moon. So there is no real date you can put on when the moon was formed because it is believed to be formed before time came into existence.

When was the Constitution Written? +  

The constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison, are among the several important leaders who aided in composing it. It is the supreme guiding law of the United States. The constitution created our judicial branches, Supreme Court and all governing laws of the country. It is believed to have been actually written in the 1600’s and was then referred to as the Statutes of 1600. But the constitution we have in effect in the United States today was adopted in 1787.

Is Kung Fu Effective In A Street Fight? +  

Though it may depend on the person performing and opposing during a street fight, Kung Fu is always considered as an effective fight for self defense. Kung Fu can be effective in a street fight as it comes with stronger and faster fighting styles that can easily keep anyone defended. It also depends on the training the person has received and the styles used to win or lose a street fight. Since Kung Fu was originally developed to help a person combat an unpredicted attack, it can easily defend anyone.

Is Kung Fu Better Than Karate? +  

Distinguishing between Kung Fu and Karate is difficult as both of them are wonderful martial arts developed and practiced from centuries. If it is the power of the hit or the energy of the fighting styles that determines the superiority of one over another, Kung Fu is stronger than Karate as Kung Fu comes with a stronger fighting style that distinguishes it from the other martial arts. Moreover, Kung Fu is also faster than Karate in the speed of fighting movement.

Is Kung Fu A Sport? +  

Apart from being a sport, Kung Fu is actually a form of self defense that enables anyone to remain fit in terms of mind and body. More than just a form of fight, the regular practice of Kung Fu can enhance good mental and spiritual development. You gain a calmer and sharper mind. The popularity of this Chinese martial art has increased so much that it is now a contest item in many national and international competitions.

Is Kung Fu Real? +  

Kung Fu is a popular martial art of China that includes several different fighting styles that were being practiced and developed from centuries. The different fighting styles practiced in Kung Fu are needed for making us capable of self defense. They are also helpful in providing an absolute insight into Chinese culture. A basic training in Kung Fu is considered to improve mental clarity and concentration.

Is There Air Under Water? +  

Other than finding the answer if there is air under water, it would be suitable to find out if we can make use of the air under water. Though air that we breathe may not be available for us to make use of from the water, air is obviously present in the water in the form of oxygen. But we cannot breathe that air under water in the same way as the sea life can breathe.

Is Butter Bad for Dogs? +  

Butter is not poisonous to most dogs, but If a dog eats butter alone or butter and some other food, they may have a bout of diarrhea. A normal response would be an upset stomach and some loose bowels but this should go away within a day if no more butter is consumed. In the event that a dog eats a full stick of butter, they may have a worse case of diarrhea or they may vomit.

What is 36.5-37.5 Celsius in Fahrenheit? +  

There is a basic formula for converting Celsius into Fahrenheit. Multiply the temperature in degrees Celsius by 9/5 then add 32 to the answer to get the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. Thus 36.5 in Celsius is 65.7 plus 32 which is 97.7 and 37.5 degrees Celsius is 67.5 plus 32 which is 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Using this formula, it is possible to convert any temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. It also works in reverse by first subtracting 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature and multiplying it by 5/9.

Is Kung Fu Chinese Or Japanese? +  

Kung Fu was widely developed and practiced in China. However, its origins lead to India and Buddhism. Being a very ancient martial art, Kung Fu has over 5,000 years of history. Besides China, Kung Fu was also widely practiced in Okinawa islands and from there it got to Japan. In China Kung Fu was named among one of the three main martial art styles and schools.

Is Kung Fu Good For Self Defense? +  

Kung Fu has several centuries of history of its existence. It definitely is good for self defense and was practiced as the self defense martial arts in such countries as China and Japan. Kung Fu takes its origins from the China martial arts. It originated in the Okinawa island. It is very similar to Kung Fu, but it has more moves and techniques included into it.

Is Kung Fu Karate? +  

Kung Fu has the same origin as Karate; it comes from the Okinawa islands. It is very similar to Karate. However, it has a large variety of fight techniques and moves in it. Kung Fu is Chinese, but it is also practiced in Japan. It was invented under the influence of the Chinese martial arts. Japanese have introduced some changes into this martial art. Kung Fu is more versatile than Karate.

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