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Is Karate Capitalized? +  

The word karate has entered English language a long time ago. Presently it is widely used and should not be capitalized. It is similar to such words and sports’ names, as boxing or wresting, which are not commonly capitalized. If the foreign word is newly introduced to the English language, it has to be written in italics, but not capitalized. Capitalizing the word “karate” in advertising or on the Internet is mostly done to stress and attract people’s attention.

Is Karate Chinese Or Japanese? +  

Karate origins come from Okinawa. Presently, Okinawa is the part of Japan. However, historically Okinawa, a Ryukyu island, belonged to China. Only in the 19th century this island became a part of Japan. So, historically, Karate may considered as the Japanese martial art with Chinese origins. Karate won popularity in Japan only in the first half of the 20th century. Initially Karate meant “chinese hand”. Later on the meaning of the name was changed to the “empty hand”.

Is Welsh A Nationality? +  

During the last ethnic population inquiry carried out in UK, Welsh was not an option to chose from. Welsh is the ethnic celtic group of people. Presently, there are over 600,000 people, who speak Welsh language. Only 35 percent of the population of Wales have surnames with ancient Welsh origins. Politically, economically and socially Wales is the part of the United Kingdom and is located on the British islands.

Is Welsh Hard To Learn? +  

Welsh belongs to celtic group of languages. These languages have very specific pronunciation, which can be difficult for many people to master. Otherwise, Welsh is not complicated. The best way to learn Welsh, as it is with other languages, is to get yourself into Welsh environment. Listening to Welsh music or watching Welsh TV can help you to determine how difficult learning Welsh would be for you.

Is Welsh A Dying Language? +  

Welsh is one of the old celtic languages, which till this day has the largest number of speakers among those ancient languages in the world. Presently, Walsh cannot be considered a dying language, because the number of its speakers does not decrease. However, at the beginning of the last century, Welsh was considered a dying language. The situation has changed due to the rapid population increase in Wales.

When Was The Wheel Invented? +  

Wheel invention was one of the major milestones in human history. However, till now no one can really tell who invented the wheel or when exactly it was invented. The oldest wheel found by the archeologists dates back to 3,500 years. This wheel was found in Mesopotamia. Archeologists suppose that first wheels were invented and used some place in Asia around 8,000 B.C. However, none of those ancients wheels were preserved.

Is Turpentine Polar? +  

Turpentine is an organic solvent. It is non-polar. A non-polar substance means it shares the equal number of electrons between atoms. Turpentine can dissolve both non-polar and polar components of substances. Turpentine is able to dissolve many of the water unsolvable or hardly solvable substances. Turpentine is organic and is made of pine or some other trees. This solvent can also be called turpentine oil or turpentine spirit.

Who Is The President Of Canada? +  

Canada has a different form of government arrangement. It does not have a president, as Canada is a parliamentary democracy mixed with constitutional monarchy. Many of the president functions in Canada are performed by and shared among its Queen, Prime Minister and Governor General. Presently, Canada is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II and her appointed Governor, who performs most of the governmental functions on her behalf.

Who Is The President Of Japan? +  

Japan has its Emperor and is not governed by the president. It also has a prime minister, who takes the chair of the Japan head of government. This person fulfils most of the presidential functions in Japan. The office prime minister was created in Japan in 1885. The prime minister is chosen by the current Japan Emperor. In June 2010 the Japan prime minster position was taken by Naoto Kan.

Is Thyme A Perennial Or Annual? +  

Thyme tends to grow in bushes. It is a perennial. On its second year it spreads and grows up into a large bush. This plant does not have a very long life span. It has to be replanted in every 2 or 3 years. Besides, it cannot be cut heavily. It can also be rooted by its branches, bent to the ground and covered with it. If you take off the external bark layer, the bush will grow extra roots on the branches.

Is Root Beer A Pure Substance? +  

The root beer is a mixture of components. In has various herbs and roots in it, as well as water, soda and sweeteners. It can contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. So, strictly root beer cannot be called a pure substance. Some manufacturers make it more natural, while others add more synthetic ingredients in it. Therefore, different types of root beer can have different health effect.

What Does Salt Do To Ice? +  

Salt has a very pronounced effect on ice. When it covers the ice, it melts its top layer. It creates salty solution. The freezing temperature of such a solution is lower than that of water. This solutions covers up the ice and causes its further melting. So, basically, salt melts the ice. This process stops only when the concentration of salt in the solution reduces to minimal amount.

Does Vinegar Kill Lice? +  

Vinegar is highly acidic. It does not actually kill the lice, but it certainly helps to get rid of them. Rinsing your hair with vinegar after shampooing it helps to get the lice eggs off fast. Lice glue their eggs to the hair. That is why they are hard to brush off. Vinegar dissolves this glue and the eggs get easily washed off the hair.

Does Vinegar Kill Mold? +  

When people did not have all the modern cleaning supplies, they mainly used vinegar. Vinegar is good at killing different kinds of bacteria. It also kills mold. Usually the regular 5 percent vinegar solution is used for killing all kinds of germs and mold. It is also effective for stain and bad smell removal. It easily evaporates and takes the bad smell away with it.

Does Vinegar Freeze? +  

The ability of vinegar to freeze depends on its acidity. Regular store vinegar we use in our homes freezes at 28 F. All the qualities of vinegar along with its acidity, density and ability to freeze, depend on main processes. Those are alcohol and acidic fermentations. The first one turns sugar into alcohol and the later one turns alcohol into acid. The higher is vinegar’s acidity, the lower temperature it requires to freeze.

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