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Do Attorneys Take Credit Cards? +  

Attorneys can take credit cards, but not all of them do. There is a conflict in interests there. An attorney is supposed to be a trusted person, the one who defends person’s interests and is fully on the side of their clients. However, when an attorney becomes the creditor of the client, this trust can be easily broken. Therefore, to avoid such moral conflicts, some attorneys refuse to take credit cards.

What Is The Average IQ For A Woman? +  

On average, men and women have the same median IQ of 100. However, they tend to show differences on subsections of IQ tests. Men tend to be better on some sections such as spatial questions, while women fare well in reading and verbal skills. Another striking difference is in variance. Men’s IQs vary much more than women’s. According to international IQ charts, the US rates 18 behind other nations in average IQ levels.

What Is The Average IQ For A Man? +  

The average IQ (intelligence quotient) for a man is 100. After testing the figure is usually adjusted using the formula: mental age divided by chronological age and multiplied by 100.The IQ formula was created as an indicator, not based on mathematical rules. IQ scores are relative numbers that show the relative difference of measurable mental performance between different people taking similar tests. General average IQ is about 90 to 115, talented 115-125, gifted 125-140, and 140+ is commonly believed as having the potential for genius.

What Is The Most Common Eye Color For A Woman? +  

Brown is the most common color for a woman, though blue eyes are also quite common. More than the natural color their eyes possess, American women spend a lot on color tint procedures as well as colored contact lenses. It is quite astonishing to note that on average an American woman spends $2274 on eye shadow during her life-time. Studies also reveal that an overwhelming majority (over 70%) never leave their house without the makeup tools such as eye liner for quick touch ups.

What Is The Most Common Eye Color For A Man? +  

The most common eye color for a man is brown. However, there are different shades of brown, from dark to light. Unlike women, men do not focus much on coloring their skin, hair or eyes, though they like to keep them clean and bright. In general, women are attracted to men who are tall and have an average built and seldom go by the color of their eyes or hair. While most of the original Americans and African Americans have brown as the common color, there are certain men who have eyes in other shades such as green and blue also.

What Is The Average Height Of A Girl? +  

The average height of a 17-year-old girl is 5’2 to 5’3, whereas a 15-year-old girl, on average, measures 5’2.Studies reveal that genetics is a major factor in determining the height of an individual. The average height is increasingly used as a measure of the health and American girls complain more of obesity, unable to maintain their body weight commensurate to their height. The average height of a 10-year-old girl in 1963 was about 55.5 inches and by 2002 it increased to 56.4.

What Is The Average Height Of A Woman? +  

The average height of a woman is 5’4’’ (163 cm). Over 50% of American women are between 5’2 and 5`7. Women usually reach their maximum height at a younger age than men owing to early puberty. Their growth is affected by several factors, with genetics and environment being more prominent than others. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the average US woman is 5 ft 3.7 inches (162 cm) tall. Also, the average American woman is tall enough for an astronaut (minimum height 4`10.5) but falls short of the average Miss America winner (5’6.5).

What Is The Average Height Of A Man? +  

The average height of a man is 5’9’’ (174 cm). About 68% of men are between 5’6’’ and 5’11’’. The average height for men also varies from one country to another depending on a host of factors. It may be caused by factors such as nutrition and genetics. So what could be the average height for a man in the US may not necessarily be the same for another country. The tallest men in the world are in the Netherlands, with an average height of 6 ft. In Germany, the average height is 5 ft 11.3 inches.

What Is The Fastest 100 Meter Dash Time? +  

The fastest 100 meter dash time is 9.69 seconds set by Ussain Bolt at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Bolt also holds the record for the 200 meter dash (19.30 seconds). One hundred meters race is the shortest sprint race in the sport of athletics. The reigning 100 m Olympic champion is always regarded as the fastest man and woman in the world. Although sprinters reach top speed even before covering 50 to 60 m, they slow down thereafter, reserving the best for the final dash.

Is Selling Tickets On Craigslist Illegal? +  

It is illegal to sell tickets on Craigslist for more than face value. Several states have recently repealed their laws against `scalping’ as no valid difference could be made between selling a house or a car and selling tickets for a profit. Others repealed the laws because they were ineffective as even if applied, it is quite expensive and time-consuming to probe an internet sale of tickets over face value. Craigslist is one of the most popular sites on the internet, offering job ads in particular and ads for getting pets, cars and almost everything.

Is Cake Mix A Mixture Or Compound? +  

A cake mix is a mixture, containing fats, sugars, starches, proteins and water that can be separated out. A cake is a mixture because the proportions can be variable and the materials from which the cake is made do not combine to form a substance of uniform composition. On the other hand, compounds are chemical unions of elements that combine in definite proportions. Besides, compounds are of uniform composition.

Is Randy Quaid Broke? +  

Actor Randy Quaid (60) reportedly has a history of delinquent bills. Reports say that the IRS has filed tax liens against him to the tune of about $1.16 million in recent years. In September 2009, Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested in Texas for allegedly defrauding an innkeeper, burglary and conspiracy in California. The arrest came close on the heels of the Qaids reportedly leaving a Santa Barbara hotel without paying bills of over $10,000. It is said that the amount was paid by them later. Meanwhile, Quaid has claimed that the man he trusted as his business manager and lawyer betrayed him.

Is Randy Travis Gay? +  

Randy Bruce Traywick or Randy Travis is rumored to be gay. According to news reports, many of his former close associates have claimed that they had sufficient knowledge much before that the American country singer is gay. However, Travis has not yet reacted to such reports. He has recorded more than a dozen studio albums. Travis hit the spotlight in 1985 with his album `Storms of Life’ on Warner Bros Records; it sold more than 3 million copies. He has won 5 Grammy Awards.

Is Rachel Maddow Gay? +  

Rachel Anne Maddow (37) is the first openly gay anchor to be hired to host a prime-time news program in the US. Maddow is a self-proclaimed `butch’. Her publicity material describes her as the `first openly gay Rhodes scholar’. Maddow hosts a nightly television show `The Rachel Maddow Show’ on MSNBC. She was also a guest host of `Countdown with Keith OlberMann’ and `Race for the White House’. Maddow is a winner of several awards, including a Gracie Award in 2009.

Is Saturday a Business Day? +  

Saturday in general is not considered a business day. While many businesses, such as stores and restaurants are open for business on Saturday, most businesses are closed, such as accounting, the stock markets, etc. Instead, Saturday as well as Sunday, are considered to be part of the weekend.

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