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What is 37.1 Degrees Celsius (C) in Fahrenheit (F)? +  

The conversion of 37.1 degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit gives 97.8 degrees.

Celsius is commonly used throughout the world, while Fahrenheit is used primarily in the United States.

Easiest way to burn fat +  

There are many ways to burn fat, but perhaps one of the most effective ways is to combine diet and exercise to burn fat. Less input, more output, and you will have increased weight loss. Some other effective ways to burn fat have involved walking, running, weight lifting, and hiring a personal trainer.

How to Fix Lawn Chairs +  

Any outdoor enthusiast often asks how to keep their lawn chairs in good condition. How do you repair a lawn chairs? The sun, wind, rain, and poolside conditions can soon ruin your lawn furniture. Like anything your favorite lawn chair responds to love and caring; to regular maintenance. The redwood, pine, woven wood, or rattan chaise loungers, chairs, and tables need to be cleaned regularly and kept out of the rain, wind, and sun when not in use. Prevention for any lawn chair manufactured from wood is a must. Once a year clean the wood surfaces.

Can you send Express Mail to P.O. Boxes? PO Boxes Express Mail Delivery +  

As of this writing, you can send Express Mail to P.O. Boxes in the United States. This is available because Express Mail is a service of the USPS which also maintains P.O. Boxes.

What is the Average Rainfall in South Africa per Year? Mean Rainfall Statistics +  

The average rainfall per year in South Africa varies across the seasons. Values range from 0.1 inches in the summer to 6.6 inches in the winter. The mean temperature also varies throughout the year as well.

What is the Average Rainfall in Zimbabwe per Year? +  

The average rainfall in Zimbabwe per year ranges from 1 to 173 mm per year, depending on whether it is the summer or winter months. Temperatures and other climatic values change in covary over the year as well.

What is Modernization Theory? Definition and Information +  

Modernization Theory refers to the social change, development and improvement in culture, traditions and technology. Modernization theory first appeared in the 1950s and increasingly raised in the 1990s. This theory explain how society progresses. It is a process of social evolution and change which includes adaption of new technologies, economic growth, improvement in living standards and infrastructural development in the modern age. New technology is a source of social change. New technologies bring advancements in infrastructure, education employment, food production.

How to Repair an Outdoor Chair +  

Being left in the sun, rain, pool, suntan lotions and body oils, and the outdoors eventually take their toll on much furniture. The vinyl strapping on chairs and lounges tends to fade, crack and fall apart. Replacement parts are anything from vinyl strapping to tires, custom-made slings to end caps. The best way to keep outdoor furniture looking great is regular maintenance. Make sure to always bring furniture inside during unfavorable weather conditions or store under a breathable cover. Check all bolts and screws on the chair and tighten any that are loose.

How to Remove the Price Sticker From Unfinished Wood +  

How to Remove the Price Sticker from Unfinished Wood Usually removing the price sticker from unfinished wood isn't a problem. The problem is with the annoying glue residue that is almost always left behind. However, there are several ways of effectively removing price stickers and the super sticky residue that remains. First of all, try to apply heat, such as from a hairdryer, to the area. When the glue residue heats up if can often be removed simply by wiping the area with a clean, lint free cloth.

How to Store Wrought Iron Furniture +  

Storing your wrought-iron furniture is very low-maintenance, so long as you follow a few simple rules before you close the items away. First, make sure that the finish is intact, because scratches in the finish will let in moisture, which will then get trapped under the surrounding coating, and promote the development of rust. If there are any signs of rust, remove the rust one small area at a time by soaking for a few minutes in white vinegar, lemon juice, or a paste of baking soda and water – this will loosen the rust – and then clean it off with steel wool or sandpaper.

How to Remove Mold From Patio Furniture +  

It's Labor Day weekend, and you have invited all your friends over for a cookout. You go outside to prepare when you notice mold on your patio furniture. What do you do? The easiest way to remove mold is to buy a commercial mold removal product, such as Tilex, these are usually sprays. But if you cannot afford one or you just do not have time to run and pick some up, then you can mix household bleach with water in a spray bottle and it will both kill the mold as well as prevent future mold from forming.

HP ENVY 14 Extended Battery Slice Release Date +  

The HP ENVY 14 Extended Battery Slice is not currently sold separately from a new computer purchase. This means that if you already bought your ENVY 14 you will need to wait for HP to release this as a standalone product. As of this writing, they have not done this yet. It remains to be seen when this release will happen but since the laptop has been on the market now for some time, presumably this will happen relatively soon. So if you are wondering how to buy it, you may want to contact HP and see if you can get a release date.

What is the Kick-Ass 2 Release Date? +  

The highly anticipated sequel to the independent hit movie Kick-Ass is rumored to be scheduled for the 2011/2012 time frame. This would give Kick-Ass 2 a release date that is about 2 years after the production and release of the original film. A sequel to the original comic book that gave birth to Kick-Ass the movie is already in production and anticipated to be released during this timeframe, and will reportedly focus on the return of Red Myst as well as how Hit Girl adapts to normal life.

Avatar 2 Download +  

Avatar 2 download information is hard to come by on the Internet. The highly anticipated sequel to Avatar, the highest grossing move of all time, takes place on a different planet from the first Avatar movie and will feature new characters in this different setting. Avatar 2 is not currently available for digital download as of this writing because it has not yet been released.

Kung Fu Bunny Counterattack +  

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