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How to Bungee Jump +  

Bungee jumping is a very popular sport in the world today, but it does come with some risks, which we will cover here:

- Bungee jumping is best done at a bungee jumping facility which provides expert advice, and the physical facilities needed to do the jump. Bungee jumping on your own can be dangerous and is not recommended.

- Be sure you are healthy enough for Bungee jumping. You may wish to discuss this with your doctor, as well as Bungee jumping professionals at a Bungee jumping place.

How Metal Gear Solid: Rising was Invented +  

What is the Little Big Planet 2 Trailer Song? LittleBigPlanet 2 Song +  

The original Little Big Planet is an amazing game, and if the trailer is any indication, Little Big Planet 2 will be even more awesome. But what is that unbelievably catchy song that plays in the trailer? It’s “Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit. Here is the full song and music video, so crank the volume and jam to the best Indie and Electronica have to offer!

Can you have a Pet Elephant? Legal Domesticated Elephant, Where are they for Sale? +  

Just about everyone has fantasized at one point or another about having a pet elephant. But is this legal? And would you even want a pet elephant if it was? First off, most species of elephants are endangered and as a result are highly illegal to be kept as pets. In addition, due to poaching and the ivory trade, even the non-endangered species of elephants are highly protected by strict laws. The only way to legally own elephant is through special permission, as with a zoo or circus.

Can you have a Pet Hyena? Legal Domesticated and Safe Hyena, Where are they for Sale? 1  

Although often considered dangerous predators and annoying scavengers, hyenas could potentially make good pets. In many states and countries, hyenas are legally designated as either dangerous wild animals or pests. As a result, it is often difficult to find a place where it is legal to own one. However, if properly domesticated, hyenas can be quite tame and behave very much like dogs. Domesticated hyenas can be bought from specialized animal trainers and kennels.

Can you have a Pet Jackal? Legal Domesticated and Safe Jackal, Where are they for Sale? +  

Dark and mysterious, the jackal is often considered a symbol of power around the world. But is it possible to keep the jackal is a pet? That is the real question. In fact, in certain states and countries, it is legal to keep a pet jackal. Jackals cannot be captured from the wild as this is illegal due to wildlife protection laws and to prohibit the spread of disease. It is also dangerous. Jackals can be obtained through specially certified animal dealers and trainers. When properly trained and domesticated, jackals can make excellent pets, quite similar to dogs in many ways.

Can you have a Pet Toucan? Legal Domesticated Toucan, Where are they for Sale? +  

Anyone who’s eaten fruit loops or was seen as toucan at the zoo has probably wondered if you can have one as a pet. In fact, it is quite legal in most countries to own a pet toucan. They are quite intelligent and friendly as pets and do not require a great deal of special care or expensive diet. Toucans can be purchased from numerous large pet stores as well as specialty bird trainers and suppliers.

Can you have a Pet Walrus? Legal Domesticated Walrus, Where are they for Sale? +  

Anyone who’s ever seen a walrus is probably wondered if it is possible to keep one as a pet. Under most circumstances, it is both unwise and illegal to keep a pet walrus. However, some countries will allow all pet walruses provided that you are properly trained and certified to handle them. In such a case, or since have been known to be dangerous due to their large size and occasionally unpredictable natures. Purchase of a walrus is almost impossible except through wildlife shelters and aquariums.

Can you have a Pet Snowshoe Hare? Legal Domesticated Arctic Snow Hare, Where are they for Sale? +  

Snowshoe hares are wonders of nature, with their fur changing color to almost perfectly camouflage them against the wintry backdrop of their arctic homes. The legality of keeping a snowshoe hare as a pet comes into question in most cases, with many countries around the world banning them as pets. If you do happen to live in a country that allows it, obtaining a pet snowshoe hare can be quite difficult, and generally requires consulting with a specialist.

Can you have a Pet Raccoon? Legal Domesticated Raccoon, Where are they for Sale? +  

Raccoons are often vilified as pests and scavengers, even carriers of disease. However, many people understand that raccoons can actually make very good pets. Attempting to capture a wild raccoon is illegal almost everywhere and can be quite dangerous. Purchasing a domesticated raccoon from a certified pet dealer will ensure that you are getting a suitable pet. Raccoons have a pleasant personality and disposition and take quickly to a loving master.

Can you have a Pet Gecko? Legal Domesticated Gecko, Where are they for Sale? +  

Made somewhat famous by ads for car insurance, geckos are becoming increasingly more popular as pets every year. Most states and countries around the world allow them to be legally as pets, although it is always wise to make doubly sure that local pet laws allow it in your area. Purchase of a gecko can be made from a suitably large pet store or from a specialty pet dealer or reptile trainer.

Can you have a Pet Salamander? Legal Domesticated Salamander, Where are they for Sale? +  

Salamanders are really neat creatures, often symbolizing the power of fire throughout history. Can you keep a salamander as a pet? It is in fact perfectly legal in most states and countries to keep a pet salamander. Most breeds of salamander are quite tame and docile in nature. Purchasing a pet salamander simply requires going to a pet store, or consulting with a specialized reptile trainer.

Can you have a Pet Skunk? Legal Domesticated Skunk, Where are they for Sale? +  

While most people associate skunks with their foul-smelling spray, many would love the idea of keeping a pet skunk. And though it might sound like a silly idea, it is actually quite possible and enjoyable. Depending on where you live, it is likely that there will be no laws against keeping a pet skunk, although it is wise to check. Trying to trap your own wild skunk is a bad idea for multiple reasons, including getting sprayed, exposure to disease, and illegality. Legal skunk breeders can be found in many countries and states, and it is from them that you should purchase your pet skunk.

Can you have a Pet Dove? Legal Domesticated Dove, Where are they for Sale? +  

Doves are the symbol of peace and are extremely graceful and elegant creatures. But is it possible to keep a pet dove? In fact, it is legal and quite practical to keep a dove as a pet. Depending on where you live, you may need to get a special permit to keep a pet bird. Also bear in mind that it is illegal to try and capture wild doves, due to laws in place to protect them from this. Speak to a pet seller or bird trainer to purchase one.

Can you have a Pet Mongoose? Legal Domesticated Mongoose, Where are they for Sale? +  

Anyone who has read the Rudyard Kipling book Rikki-Tikki-Tavi or has seen a video of one fighting a snake will no doubt agree that the mongoose is a really impressive creature. So is it possible to keep one as a pet? Mongooses, despite their skill as predators, are actually quite tamable and could make excellent pets. Unfortunately though it is illegal to keep mongooses as pets in most countries throughout the world. This is due to their protected status as wildlife. As a result, any pet supplier claiming to be selling mongooses is most likely doing so illegally.

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