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Misunderstood Soccer Moms

The term soccer mom has often been applied to well-meaning parents in a somewhat derogatory manner. People tend to label them as unimportant and annoying. The truth is that soccer moms are in fact one of the core supports of our society. It is through their attention that new generations of our children grow to be important parts of the future. They see to it that these children The real face of the American heroThe real face of the American herowill go on to important futures and encourage them to finish higher education as well as set more profound goals than they might normally seek. It is their encouragement of extracurricular activities such as soccer that has earned them their name and yet it is through the same encouragements that their children will have better high school transcripts when it comes time for college applications. It is essential that society at large realize the importance of these pillars of our communities, these forces of nature that spur us on to greater heights.

by Susan White on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 04:09

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