What is the Average Cost of Blacktop? Average Blacktop Price

The cost of blacktop usually depends on the base and size. For instance, it could be $3 a foot for 1000 sq ft or less and will be cheaper if the area is bigger. Also, it will vary from one area to another, and the cost in a metropolitan area will generally be higher than others. The local contractor of the concerned roofing company will be able to give a rough estimate of the cost after calculating the average per sq ft or the roof's covered area. Still, it will be wise to work out the costs well before commencing the work as that will substantially strengthen the power to negotiate the price. The average cost of blacktop can be $2 to $3 per square foot, without including the prices of gas or diesel fuel and the contractor's fee. Frelancers can be preferred for certain works to cut on the expense. However, blacktop is not as expensive as cement.

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