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Video Games

Why Can’t I Hear Anything on My PS3 Headset? +  

Sometimes while using Ps3 headsets, you are unable to hear anything. This type of problem can be fixed very easily. You should first check whether you battery is properly charged or not and if it is working well. If you still face the same issue, check your controller because if it does not have enough power you may face problems like headset interference and droupouts.You may also check XMB to set the headset as input/output device. If you are a USB user, make sure that you have no wire breaks or insecure connection.

Why Can’t I Hear Anything on Garageband? +  

The problem, where you can’t hear anything on Garageband is very common and can be fixed easily. You should first check your line and if you have selected ‘Out’ option in the place of ‘Input’, undo it. It is in the built-in audio. You may check it in Garageband as well as in option ‘Sound’ which is in system preferences. Now you should turn the monitoring on, if it is off. The problem may be related to your patch cord also. If the patch cord is fried, replace it. Make sure that MBP has been configured correctly. If your guitar has passive pickups, it is important to feed it into a pre-amp.

Why Can’t I Hear Anyone on Xbox Live? +  

The problem, where you are not able to hear anyone on Xbox is quite common and can be fixed easily. This type of problem may be related either to your router or to the checked settings. Firstly let the modem offline for 5 minutes after unplugging all the cables from it. Now after 5 minutes, reconnect the modem and restart your 360. After this, check your gamer zone settings and make it ‘Underground’. You should also check family settings and privacy settings if you have made some changes. Check your friend’s profile through your Xbox 360 and if you have selected mute option, uncheck it.

Error:You have been Signed out of PlayStation Network +  

On the PlayStation network you often face this type of error where a message is displayed showing that you have been signed out of the network. To fix this problem, you should first check if you have made any changes in your internet connection settings. A disabled UPnP may also cause this type of error. You should run the internet connection test after going through the wireless or wired setup. The internet connection test result may point out the cause of this error. You may also go to the PSN account in the category, PlayStation network.

Sims Digital Voice Recorder Information +  

The handheld voice recorder from Sims is one of the easy to use devices in the market today. A great instrument for journalists and musicians, the device uses digital formatting for storing the audio data, not needing the user to use cartridges like earlier times. However, the Sims Digital Voice Recorder comes with a hard drive chip that may need changing for frequent users. The device also comes with a swanky user interface and easy-to-find buttons.

What Are Some Good PS3 Games? +  

PS3 games feature stories and plots that make them all the more interesting. Since PS3 games can be played outdoors with adequate battery back up, it makes for a great pastime. Action and sports are the two main types of PS3 games, as Sports Champions and good-evil games continue to rise in popularity. InFamous and Bischock 2 is a popular action game among PS3’s. Battlefield Bad Company is popular as a PS3 military and warfare game.

What Are Some Good PC Games? +  

PC games come from various makers, some of which include Bethesda and Valve. Half-life 2 has been one of the most popular games around and makes for a long entertainment session for kids, teenagers as well as adults. Fallout 3 has also been popular amongst children in the US. Assassin’s Creed has also become a popular PC game in recent years. Look for game reviews on the back of the packages, especially if you do not know about the game’s set up and the requisite configuration.

What Are Some Good Wii Games? +  

Many Wii Games are available as sequels to their previous versions, while others are out on their first releases for Wii game fans. Some of the favorite Wii games include Monster Hunt Tri, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Super Mario Galaxy 2. The release of sequels only proves that Wii games are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Many websites offer free Wii games as well. The Star Wars series has also become one of the biggest Wii games in the circuit as well.

Is Multiboxing in WoW Legal? +  

Multiboxing allows multiple account-usage for one person, especially if he or she wants to impersonate multiple characters, simultaneously, in the multiple player popular online game – World of Wordcraft. A Blizzard Entertainment product, it realizes the need for various players to be able to impersonate multiple characters in a live game. Jurisdiction also permits the users to impersonate multiple characters since the game’s competitiveness does not harness violence or hatred, for which secrecy may be necessary.

Kinect Sales Report +  

The Xbox 360 Kinect has been sold out everywhere in the U.S. since launch, and remains scarce this month. Estimates of Kinect Sales put the number of units sold through to customers at somewhere between 3.9 and 4.1 million units worldwide. This means that Microsoft will likely exceed its goal of 5 million Kinects sold through by the end of the year. This is impressive and the trend is likely to continue. If Microsoft can improve supply, it is likely that greater sales could be achieved as things are clearly undersupplied at the moment.

Why Plastic Junk is Coming to a Kinect Near You, and Why the Controllerless Console Won’t Remain that Way for Long +  

Microsoft introduced a revolutionary controllerless device: The Kinect Sensor, which has been met with lots of willing buyers. But will it really remain controllerless?

We believe publishers will sooner or later (read: sooner) realize: why charge $50 for a Kinect Game when you can throw in some cheap plastic junk and charge $80-100 for the same thing? Introducing the future of Kinect titles:

Halo Kinect: Trackable Plastic Assault Rifle IncludedHalo Kinect: Trackable Plastic Assault Rifle Included

Quickest way to Max upgrade weapons + accessories in FF13 (Final Fantasy XIII) +  

1. After fighting the Chapter 11 boss on the bridge, warp back to Grand Pulse and learn Death. You unlock level 9 for everyone; and only Vanille learns it in Saboteur!
2. Make your team Vanille/Saboteur/Synergist
3. As soon as possible, cast her summon and kill off the turtle with Death.

After the battle:
1. It drops 2 crystals. One sells for 150,000 gil, the other is required to make ultimate weapons and is much cheaper to sell. Only sell the crystal that sells for 150,000 GIL
2. Buy 99 Jelly (they cost 80 gil).
3. Buy as many Super Conductors as you can.

How to Nuke Boost in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: COD MW2 Nuke Boosting +  

Anyone who has played a few rounds of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 knows what nuke boosting is when they see it. One player “cheats” to get 25 kills without any effort and call in a nuclear strike to win the match. So how do they do it? It is actually quite simple, provided you have a willing volunteer to help you. Ask one of your Xbox Live friends to equip a class with the tactical insertion equipment. You and your friend need to be on opposite sides of a match, and you need to meet somewhere out of the way. Your friend throws down his tactical insertion, and then you kill him.

Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft Side-by-Side Comparison 1  

We’ve all played MMOs. We’ve ground through the levels, completing quests, massacring rats, picking flowers, saving the world from utter annihilation. We’ve also been really bored. Let’s face it; ever since the standard was set by World of Warcraft in 2004, the MMO genre has been unbelievably stale. No game developer in the field of online gaming has wanted to stray too far from WoW’s divine formula (yes, 10 million followers officially qualifies it as a religion). And why should they?

What is the Metal Gear Solid: Rising Release Date? +  

Konami's Metal Gear Solid: Rising is rumored to have a release date of late 2011/mid 2012. This would put the release of the highly-anticipated sequel several years after the original, critical hit Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It is rumored to have moved beyond the prototype phase into full-scale production at the studio.

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