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Proof That Zombies Are Real

There is no proof that zombies are real. Many people are aware of the practice of Zombiism by the bokors of Haiti. In Haiti, they supposedly create zombies for people who need inexpensive labor or are seeking revenge on someone. Some people firmly believe in zombies and fear an imminent zombi apocalypse. The evidence that they are real seems plausible but some seem to be the recreation of Hollywood make up creatures. Ultimately it seems to be a matter of faith or superstition.

Proof That Werewolves Exist

Research indicates that there is no solid proof that werewolves exist. There is much debate on the topic, however. Individuals have been studying this talk of “bigfoot” and other large creatures being spotted but there is no indicative proof that they do exist. There was a report out of England that claimed that over 1000 years ago, a werewolf terrorized a community. They named the werewolf the Flixton werewolf and the Saxon people even built a hostel to protect travelers from it. But to date there is no concrete proof that werewolves exists.

Why is Canterbury Important to Christians?

Canterbury is so important to Christians in England because of the huge cathedral that it represents. The Canterbury Catherdral was constructed in the 1070s and this was directed by Norman Archbishop Lanfranc. It is home to many Christian leaders and has been so for hundreds of years. It represents a sort of Mecca to Christians as their leaders have been residing there for so long. It is quite impressive to see and very important to the Christian people.

Why is Constantinople Important to Christians?

Constantinople is so important to Christians because he reshaped and institutionalized religion. He was so important in fact that he was lauded as the 13th apostle by many Christian groups. He was the first leader to become a Christian and he made all his people become Christians. This is the reason that he is so important to Christians; for becoming the first leader to become a Christian and require all his people to as well.

When Was Atlantis Lost?

Whether Atlantis was ever lost or not is the matter of belief. Many consider Atlantis to be invented by Plato, who lived in 355 B.C. According to Plato Atlantis was lost about 9000 B.C., when its inhabitants became very arrogant and greedy. Plato wrote that gods decided to punish them and sent a terrifying earthquake to destroy the Atlantis with all its people, temples and courts.

When Was Atlantis Built?

Atlantis was mentioned by many ancient historians. One of the first Atlantis stories was recorded by ancient Egyptians. However, no one really knows the time when Atlantis was built. Plato referred to Atlantis and its existence as to historical fact. However, today most scientists believe it never existed. Most likely Atlantis was destroyed by some great catastrophe, such as volcano eruption and it sank under the water.

When Did Atlantis Disappear?

Till now it is considered a fact that Atlantis is only a mythical continent. It was mentioned in some greek ancient legends 500 B. C. According to them it has disappeared around 1600 B. C. The reason of its destruction was some sort of global catastrophe, which made Atlantis sink under the water of the North Atlantic ocean. Most of the Atlantis stories come from Plato’s writings.

When Was Creation?

The creation beliefs of different cultures put the creation of the world at different dates. Many historical calendars were based on these dates. The Maya Long Count dates the creation of world of human beings to August 11, 3114 BCE (proleptic Gregorian calendar) or Monday, September 6, 3114 BCE (Julian calendar). In the English-speaking world, one of the well-known estimates in modern times is that of Archbishop James Ussher (1581-1656), who proposed date of Sunday, October 23, 4004 BCE. The majority of the classical Rabbis hold that the earth was created around 6,000 years ago.

Can Vampires get AIDS? Vampire HIV

Any good vampire buff knows that vampires drink large quantities of human blood and are highly resistant to most forms of disease. But what about HIV and AIDS? Since the virus is transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids, what would stop a vampire from picking it up from one of its many victims? It seems that lower ranking vampires, who possess less power, are sometimes susceptible to the HIV virus and AIDS itself. On the other hand, older and more powerful vampires are completely immune to all diseases and do not have to worry about petty viruses.

What is Lemuria? Facts, Pictures, and Location

Lemuria is a mythical continent, similar to Atlantis, that is rumored to be located in either the Indian Ocean or Pacific Ocean. Widely discredited throughout the scientific community, the theory of Lemuria’s existence still persists, particularly among the writers and myth enthusiasts. It is widely thought that this ancient continent was sunk due to a cataclysmic geological change to the earth’s tectonic plates.

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